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Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 17th 2014

Want to be featured on our blog? Every week, we'll announce a theme, and you'll have until Sunday (March 23rd at 11 PM PST) to submit your photo as an entry. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can upload a brand new photo. Scroll down to see which photos from last week's theme—GREEN—made it to our winning gallery. And don't forget to check out our new theme for next week's contest below!

This Week's Gallery

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of this Emerald Isle holiday, we asked you to go Green last week—and we've received 1,863 photo entries. So who got lucky? Check out our 12 favorite shamrock-hued photos from all the contest entries. Click on each thumbnail to open a full-sized version. Cheers! (And save us a pint, please.)

Which of these gorgeous greens puts you in a festive mood? Let us know in the comments below!


1. Select a photo that fits this theme. Upload the image to your 500px profile, or pick an existing photo.
2. Add a tag "500pxabandonedspaces".
3. You're done! To track all entries, click here.

We're looking for interesting images of abandoned and empty places—from interior spaces to outdoor landscapes. The theme is totally open to your own interpretation, so get creative—start snapping and tagging now! Deadline is March 23rd at 11PM (PST).

To sweeten the pot, we will hold a random draw giveaway for all those who enter the challenge. You will have the chance to win a two-month Awesome membership! Our lucky draw winner of the week is Leif Londal.

Good luck, folks! We're excited to see your photos!


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Thomas Conrad  about 1 year ago
That was a gorgeous Birthday Present choosing my image. Thank you! :)
Laurens Kaldeway  about 1 year ago
Thank you. It is a privilege to have my photo included with such a fine collection of images taken by excellent photographers.
Thanh Tran  about 1 year ago
Thank you for choosing my photo =). Such a lovely collection!
Plus Account
Muchas gracias, 500px, por fijaros en mi trabajo.
Carlo Resta  about 1 year ago
Thank you!!! So happy!!! :)
Congratulations to all others!!!!
Plus Account
Leif Løndal  about 1 year ago
Thanks a lot for membership. :-)))
Awesome Account
Lisa Holloway  about 1 year ago
Thank you so much, 500px! Love all that gorgeous green! :)
Constantin Fellermann  about 1 year ago
Thank you for choosing my photo! :)

My favorite is "Zen Fox"

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