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New Pricing for Canvas Prints

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · March 7th 2012

We have released the Market alongside with a complete website redesign just over two weeks ago.

We launched it without much fanfare (sort of a soft launch), but even without the press and all the buzz it has been a great start — there are now almost 200,000 photos available for immediate purchase as prints and downloads.

Startrails by Noriko Tabuchi (white-roots) on
Startrails by Noriko Tabuchi
Buy Canvas Print or HD Download

We have been listening to your feedback over the last two weeks, and have received thousands of useful comments and suggestions on how to improve the Market. We heard you and decided to make changes to the pricing of prints to make them more affordable for everyone to enjoy quality art works in their homes and offices.

Starting March 12, the price of canvas print will be just $199.

There are thousands of beautiful photos that could now be printed on the highest quality canvas available in the US, and every print comes in a gorgeous 24x36 or 30x30 inch size on a beautiful 1.5" deep frame.

At this new price, and with hundreds of thousands prints available for immediate purchase, everyone can enjoy the most beautiful photographs in the world.

The shipping is only $8.99 to 48 lower states, and just $38.99 to Alaska, Hawaii. We are also starting shipping to Canada for just $38.99.

The Market is available for free to all photographers. To enable the store, visit You can select the photos for sale, upload separate watermark-free hi-resolution photos for safe storage, or disable the store at any time.

It's a big change and we want to communicate it to photographers early, so that everyone can make a decision to open the store, alter the offerings or disable it altogether, if they so desire. The new pricing will be in effect starting Monday, March 12.

Since canvas prices may change, and processing fees differ from transaction to transaction, we calculate payments on individual transactions. Photographers are paid 70% of net costs, and will receive, on average, $40 dollars from each 24x36 canvas print sold. As previously, we have a minimum $100 payout, and photographers can request a Paypal transfer or a cheque.

Starting March 12, photographers will be able to buy their own prints on canvas as well, at a price of just $159. When buying your own prints, you will not pay or receive a commission on that transaction.

We believe that beautiful photography should be available to everyone, and believe that the new pricing will allow everyone to experience the beauty of a unique photograph in their home or office.

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Carlo Saltalamacchia  9 months ago
What no UK shipping. crap.
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Elissar Khalek  over 2 years ago
Are you planning on offering size customization? Not everyone wants a huge canvas.
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india | blue  almost 3 years ago
Amazing guys! Being based in Toronto, I'd have thought you could have set something up that benefited the Canadian users but I see that it is $38.99 for shipping. Worst decision I have seen after getting rid of Fotomoto. Hard to fathom.

Also, can you clarify the pricing structure as plenty of people have asked before?

Matt Roberts  almost 3 years ago
Sorry, but how is this competitive to other quality print houses such as Whitewall, where you can choose the size and print on a variety of mediums such as alu and acrylic - not to mention that the prices appear restrictively high?

I'm all for ensuring that the print solution is quality, and isn't just some cheap 'bang-out-a-canvas' deal, but this seems unnecessarily limited. Hope you continue to listen to feedback, and of course get a UK / Euro deal in place!

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Kailash Gyawali  almost 3 years ago
the comment area is getting spammed, please do something about it.
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Christopher J Stacey  almost 3 years ago
"Since canvas prices may change, and processing fees differ from transaction to transaction, we calculate payments on individual transactions. Photographers are paid 70% of net costs, and will receive, on average, $40 dollars from each 24x36 canvas print sold. As previously, we have a minimum $100 payout, and photographers can request a Paypal transfer or a cheque."

Can you clarify, 70 percent of $199 is $139

so where and who gets the $40,

i think all this needs to be broken down in plain english of what exactly we are entitled and expected to recieve from a customer purchasing at $199

its very ambiguious, and between $40 and $199 there is $159 which obviously is used for printing,producing,shipping,wrapping,hosting on your site,paying your wages etc,

can we have a more structured infomation, just so we know where we stand,

thank you very much


Brenda Tharp  almost 3 years ago
I appreciate the thought that has gone into the pricing - it's a difficult thing to choose the 'right' price to make images affordable and yet also profitable for photographers. Yet $199 seems too low, now, and quite a reduction from $500. Striking a more middle-ground might be better for all. Researching prices for my own sales, I found on average that a print of that size, matted, would sell for $250-350 depending on who the person was, how well-known they were, etc. So a gallery wrap canvas print should be somewhere in that range, in my opinion. We want to make it affordable, yes, but many of us photographers also need to make a living from our work. I will have to think on whether I want to sell prints or not.

That aside, I know the staff at 500px is working hard to make this business model work effectively for everyone. Keep it up! I'm glad there will be an option coming to opt out of either prints or downloads...

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Jay B. Wilson  almost 3 years ago
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Jay B. Wilson  almost 3 years ago
Great to hear you'll disable the downloads, thanks for listening. Any stats you can share on sales to date? Also, can we get rid of the spam comments above? Thanks!
Look Me Luck  almost 3 years ago
Honestly I don't quite get it yet, you basically are saying that each one of the photos available in the store are worth only 40USD???? roughly 20% of the sale?
Look Me Luck  almost 3 years ago
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Guy Dekelver  almost 3 years ago
European market, yes please!
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Ari Salmela  almost 3 years ago
I think you have to offer at least one smaller size available because 36 inch image is too large for many places,
even in USA :)
Sebi Meyer  almost 3 years ago
Just don't forget about the rest of the world, pretty please. Europeans are awesome too! ;)
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Scott Dunn  almost 3 years ago
Hmmmm.... on one hand I was really happy to see 500px lead the way to appropriately valued prints at the original price. On the other hand I would imagine that the lower pricing could result in more sales. But will the increase in transactions result in higher overall revenue? Hard to say....
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Jayson Gomes  almost 3 years ago
Why can't this be the starting price for canvas prints and allow the photographer to set his own price?
John Farnan  almost 3 years ago
Superb :-)
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Kelly Anderson  almost 3 years ago
Personally I think canvas is a terrible medium for many photos. There are many photographic papers that suit various photos much better. Please add options for media such as Kodak's Professional Endura paper with Premium (glossy), Premium (matte), Pro-Color (matte), Pro-Metallic (glossy), or Pro-Black & White (matte) paper quality selections.
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Chris Yakimov  almost 3 years ago
Just curious about the higher shipping costs to Canada - I thought 500px was Toronto based?
Allana Mayer  almost 3 years ago
Doesn't mean they use a Toronto-based POD service.
Fernando De Oliveira  almost 3 years ago
Great news!
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Jonathan Eger  almost 3 years ago
I think this is a more reasonable price. Thanks.
Ryan Helweg  almost 3 years ago
You should add regular prints and different sizes as well as canvas.
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Photocillin  almost 3 years ago
I think that's more realistic pricing. Any plan to open this up to European canvas buyers?
Thomas Jerome  almost 3 years ago
what about for international shipping and international photographers?
Erin Babnik  almost 3 years ago
I second what Glenn said: please make it possible for photographers to opt out of digital downloads.
Glenn Tunaley  almost 3 years ago
Can you please add the option to sell canvas only and have digital downloads disabled?

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