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500px Android app is here!

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · April 19th 2012

Today 500px launches the official Android app for tablets and phones.

The Android app has been in the works for the last few months, and we are now happy to announce that it's here — and available immediately on Google Play, and is coming shortly to Kindle App Store and GetJar App Store.

The app takes cues from our iPad app, which has been praised by its minimalistic and beautiful interface and focus on large, beautiful photos. Now, everyone can enjoy large and beautiful photos on their Android devices.

The app is compatible with both tablets and phones and works with Android OS 2.2 and later. It brings initial iPad functionality:

• Browse Popular, Editors' Choice, Upcoming and Fresh. Photos change in real-time, so come back often for a fresh dose of inspiration
• Filter by categories (tap and hold the icons on the left)
• Full search
• View beautiful, full size photos without distractions
• Login or sign up for a 500px account to see your photos, friends' photos and your favorites
• Vote for photos, add to favorites, read and post comments
• View photo descriptions, EXIF information and location
• Share photos on Twitter, Facebook or see them in browser
• View a slideshow of every photo stream

You can create an account from within the app or login to your existing one. If you log in with Facebook, simply visit your Settings and set a password, and you will be able to login with your username and password.

The app is free, and available immediately on Google Play.


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ahmad hadidoun  4 days ago
still needs a lot of work!
shadi alrefai  about 1 month ago
why i can see the images in full screen size at my new samsung note 4
please advice
ahmad hadidoun  11 months ago
I think that there is a problem when you use a search engine by using smart phones (android)!!
vishal gupta  11 months ago
how to upload photo by my android mobile
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  11 months ago
It's currently not possible with our apps. Stay tuned!
Paul Drevnytskyi  over 1 year ago
Please, give me version for android 2.3...
Ky Olsen (inactive)  almost 2 years ago
Sigh... Tried looking at my profile on my Samsung Galaxy S and NO pictures show, NO profile icon shows. Just blank boxes... Fix? PLEASE?
Ky Olsen (inactive)  almost 2 years ago
How do I upload from my mobile device? Also, text does NOT appear for categories on Samsung Galaxy S?
Awesome Account
Anne Bollwahn  about 2 years ago
How can I upload from mobile devices?
Christian Chambon  over 2 years ago
With or without it, is it possible to upload from an android tablet ? How ?
Markiian Kostjuk  over 2 years ago
hey need some help. does anyone know why my 500px comments show up on facebook and how to disable it.
Victor Parker  over 2 years ago
Doesn't work properly with samsung galaxy. Freezes a lot.
Bill Raab (inactive)  almost 3 years ago
Has this been submitted to Barnes and Noble for inclusion in the Nook App store? I would love to get it on my little friend.
Awesome Account
Arthur Brunner  almost 3 years ago
crashes often on samsung galaxy 10" tablet, but i like it a lot. so pls fix the bugs !
David Ahlbom  almost 3 years ago
I signed up through my Facebook account, so before launching the Android app I created a password under "settings". But I can't login with username or e-mail and this newly set password. I get the following error message: "Sorry! We experienced a problem logging in. Please try again." :(
Fabrizio Fenoglio  almost 3 years ago
Does not work on my HTC wildfire s ... :(
Simone Messaggi  almost 3 years ago
Those icons are way too small on my smartphone (which is previous gen :( ) but the app is good so far, thank you 500px for thinking of us androids as well!


Ali AlMuallem  almost 3 years ago
Was waiting for it for a lone time! Thanks 500px!
João Almeida  almost 3 years ago
Can I zoom the photos?
Awesome Account
Arthur " </a> alert(1) Neves  almost 3 years ago
yep!, double tap in the photo.
Trieu T  almost 3 years ago
Comment hidden
Awesome Account
Gary Barringer  almost 3 years ago
its a brilliant app...great work 500px. Now i can catch up when i am not at the computer...
Jeffrey S  almost 3 years ago
Mmmm.... Isn't the fonts on phone are way too small?? It looks fantasy on my tablet. But on my phone, it's almost unusable....
Bibhas Debnath  almost 3 years ago
No upload option!
Plus Account
Daniel Rubin  almost 3 years ago
Guys, are there any plans to upgrade the iPad app to support the retina display?
Hans-Helge Bürger (inactive)  almost 3 years ago
I just read your eMail and downloaded the app - I love it. It looks really great and it's the best photo app in the market.
Dave Dugal  almost 3 years ago
The native 500px app has taken the best from several other UI's to create a remarkably useable and intuitive photo browsing app. Kudos!

There are minor rough edges that I'm sure will be fixed over time. Where would you suggest we submit bug reports and feature requests?

Chris Parsons  almost 3 years ago
Looks and works great on my Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1. You all should consider porting it to the BlackBerry PlayBook as well since it runs Android apps and is so easy to do. Only takes a few minutes and you could have a whole new audience. The app looks and works great on it as well, see here:
Benjamin ANDRE  almost 3 years ago
Thanx ^^
Daniel González  almost 3 years ago
Maarten Denolf  almost 3 years ago
Good news!
Sven Holzwig  almost 3 years ago
Thank you!
Gustavo Filho  almost 3 years ago
Edgard Rodriguez Tenorio  almost 3 years ago
Excelent news, and... Can I full manage my 500px blog from mthe new Android App?
Florin Bandas  almost 3 years ago
Great news! Any plans for a Windows Phone app ?

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