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500px iPad app update

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · May 8th 2012

Our iPad app got an overnight update to version 1.4.1. It's a free update that considerably increases performance and speed and also introduces a universal option for viewing adult (NSFW) content.

First up, speed. Now the app can differentiate what iPad and internet connection you use to make intelligent decisions on what quality of photos to show you. Mind you, they are all fantastic, but if you are on the new iPad and with a fast internet connection — they will be absolutely gorgeous.

We also removed all content that was marked NSFW for the first time users.

If in your profile settings on the site you had a checkbox marked "Display nude content", then you will see no change — as before, you will be able to browse all the content on your Android or iPad app.

However, if you are just signed up, or viewing the app as a non-logged in user, by default we remove all NSFW content. This provides a better browsing experience for everyone, and it's easy enough to change should you wish to enable nude content in the app.

The same behaviour is now also live for our Android app — you can control NSFW content via the checkbox in your profile settings on the site.

If you wish to continue browsing NSFW content, simple check if you have an option enabled in settings.

PS: We have a huge update to our iPad app coming soon, and as we progress, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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Niko Kitsakis  over 2 years ago
no sets in the app?
Peter Aikins  almost 3 years ago
Sorry guys but I feel that your implementation of the nude filter is ill thought out. The goal of avoiding surprises for unsuspecting new users is admirable but have been implemented simply by having the nude filter on by default! Your new implementation has now created a new problem: say a user looks at the unfiltered feed from the privacy of his home PC, but likes to view a filtered feed on the iPad as he typically does that whilst out in a cafe or commuting on transport. You have now placed a burden on him to remember to go into the website first to turn on the filter before starting the app! Just plain stupid. Please bring back the filter but set it on by default so all new users have to manually go in and change it.
John Cox  almost 3 years ago
I would like to see the camera specifics such as Make/Model, FStop,ISO,Lens,etc. I'm new and from time to time I see a photo and I wonder what kind of lens and camera settings were,etc but I've not been able to see that with the App. I have to go to the website and view it.
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
You can see it from the app — just swipe up the comments and swipe to the left to see description, EXIF data and more!
Awesome Account
Laurent Meister  almost 3 years ago
I'm missing my flow on the ipad. That's why I'm switching between safari and app.

Otherwise, the 500px app is just amazing!

Thank you guys!

Awesome Account
Ralph Burkhart  almost 3 years ago
Thanks for posting this clarification concerning the "nsfw" settings.
What I miss most in the app is the Flow feature.
Uploading isn't necessary for me because I never will post iPad or iPhone photos. The photos I upload from my Mac into my iPad doesn't have the quality (dimensions) worth to upload to 500px.
A minor GUI change that would be great: Make it easier to tap the name of the photographer when looking at one of his photos.

How about to add the "Organizer" to the app?

Thanks for this great app!

Roger de la Harpe  almost 3 years ago
Wonderful update guys. Made a huge difference when viewing on my old iPad 1.

It would be really great to be able to post pix from the iPad. Any chance of building in that sort of functionality?

Stay well


500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
Hi Roger,
Good to hear it's much faster on older iPads! We are looking into the possibility of adding uploading photos from iPad. What is your mobile workflow looks like?
red gsx  almost 3 years ago
this blog post really needs to be readable from within app or more clearly explained in the update notes within the app store. it would have saved me the trouble of downgrading to the previous version.
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
We believe that most users will not notice the change — the setting is usually a set-and-forget one, so we were thinking of making it even easier + making browsing experience better for new users.
Will C  almost 3 years ago
Please please add uploading from the ad app
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
Hi Will,
Can you elaborate on your mobile workflow — I'd love to listen to your ideas on how and why and where you'll be uploading from the app. Thank you!
Awesome Account
Andrew Hill  almost 3 years ago
Thanks for the continued work on the iPad app -- it's beautiful.

My request for a future version would be to be able to see my portfolios from within the app, without having to go to the website.


500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 3 years ago
That's a good feature. It's not on the immediate roadmap, but something we have long planned to work on.

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