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One day. Millions of perspectives. Add yours.

Published by Debs Slater · May 12th 2012

On May 15th, the creators of A Day are asking that we all pick up our cameras and capture our daily life. Their aim is to inspire perspectives on humankind, today and tomorrow.

This is an event for everybody everywhere, whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur one, even if you just capture the odd shot with your cellphone. The more people that get involved the more interesting the project becomes.

From May 15th to May 22nd you’ll be able to upload your shots to their website. To make sure they don’t get lost in the database there are three categories to upload to: Home, Work And Connections, with subcategories for each.


You could photograph your house, your newly decorated living room, or what you’re having for dinner.

Coffee and a Cupcake by Alex Barlow (AlexBarlow) on
Coffee and a Cupcake by Alex Barlow


You could photograph your colleagues, the commute to work, or a view of your desk.

My desk by Petoo Zvonar @ ERZVO (petoo) on
My desk by Petoo Zvonar @ ERZVO


You could photograph your family, your friends or how you spend your spare time.

My Family  by david bouchat (davidbouchat) on
My Family by david bouchat

Anything that reflects your life on May 15th is perfect for the project.

All the images uploaded will be displayed online for everyone to explore, some will be selected for a book “A Day In the World” and others will be displayed in digital exhibitions. Every single one will be saved for future generations as an insight into what life was like on May 15th 2012.

You can find out everything else you need to know about this awesome worldwide project over on the A Day website :)

Members of the team here at 500px are going to get involved. How about you?


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Raphael Oliveira  almost 3 years ago
I'd like to join. But if I get my camera out of home, probably someone will try to steal it D:
Debs Slater (inactive)  almost 3 years ago
You can take photos of your home :)
Awesome Account
.Vulture Labs  almost 3 years ago
very cool!!!
Denis Chetverik  almost 3 years ago
I think i'm in :)
Awesome Account
Ash Furrow  almost 3 years ago
I can't wait :)
Min Mohd  almost 3 years ago
Lisa Mikulski  almost 3 years ago
Already signed up and ready to go.
Vanessa Paxton  almost 3 years ago
Great idea!
Awesome Account
Dara Pilyugina  almost 3 years ago
Very cool project! Thanks for sharing this information!
Bryan Kwan  almost 3 years ago
I am in and posting my views
Aileen Sorenson  almost 3 years ago
Would love to join in...
Awesome Account
Roman K  almost 3 years ago
Already joined and will take picture, i think its an awesome project, cant wait to see the results
YoShi05  almost 3 years ago
great shot

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