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Trip to New York

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · April 6th 2010

A week and a half has passed since we have returned from our trip to New York, but you've yet to hear from us. So, now is the time to unveil everything, at once.

On March 16, 2010 we have left Toronto on a Megabus enroute to New York, where we arrived the following morning at 7 o’clock sharp. It was an early time to rise, especially if you didn't get enough sleep. Lesson learned: will not travel by bus to far destinations, especially in the beginning of a trip. It’s OK to return by bus — cause you get tired and your own bed awaits you. However, since we were unaware of the upcoming weather, we decided to play it safe and travel by bus instead of the car.

During the trip we were greeted by some amazing weather — from +18 in New York to as high as +26 in Washington, D.C., where some of us (that would be me) had to change into shorts and t-shirt. Yes, it was that warm.

We stayed for 2 days in New York’s lower Manhattan, exploring the city, including Wall Street, WTC, Brooklyn Bridge and other landmarks. What strikes me is that New York’s landmarks are just... engineering constructions. They were built for a specific purpose, and not to be admired by millions of tourists.

At the end of the second day, March 19th, we picked up our rental car — Dodge Grand Caravan (spoiler alert: one of the greatest cars I’ve traveled by, it even beats tinted Mercedes-Benz S500, I used a while back in Russia). But I’ll get back to the car talk later.

We have traveled through many states, and I was surprised how they changed — “Welcome to Maryland” a sign would say. Half an hour later — “Welcome to Delaware” — and 20 minutes after that — “Welcome to New Jersey”. I used to think that states were big. For example, you can drive in any direction from Toronto for 2-3 hours and you'd still be in Ontario. Go north, and after 7 hours it'd still be the same province!

We’ve visited Washington D.C., Baltimore (I felt in love with it), Philadelphia (where strangely we haven’t tried the original Philly Stake), Boston, New Haven (a great place for photography and video thanks to an amazing Yale University) and, of course, New York.

There is a special channel for our photos, which we'll keep updating as we get back to our lives and flip through all the photos that we’ve taken.

Join us next time, as we plan on traveling Canada this summer. A lot more fun to come, we promise!

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