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Gallery: Two of a Kind

Published by Debs Slater ยท June 18th 2012

The Gallery feature is a great way of challenging yourself and, if you are selected, getting exposure for your work. Every week a theme will be announced and you'll have until 6pm on Sunday (EST) to submit one photo on that theme. You may already have a photo that suits, or you could see it as a weekly creative brief. Either way, make sure the photo is uploaded to your 500px Profile and then just email me the link.
12 will make it onto the blog :)

This week's theme was...

Two of a Kind

Next week's theme: All That Glitters...

The theme is completely open to interpretation so get creative, get snapping and send a link to the photo my way:


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kombizz kashani  over 2 years ago
Martin Heinz  over 2 years ago
Great photos!
Andrzej Holc  over 2 years ago
The ingenuity and creation knows no bounds.
Muddasir Javed  over 2 years ago
Fantastic collection Debbie. Well done.
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Snezana Petrovic  over 2 years ago

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