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WWDC Photo Walk

Published by Ash Furrow ยท June 26th 2012

While I was attending Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, Michael Fey organized a photo walk, which 500px sponsored. It was a huge success with a great turnout and we had a great time! All of the photos from the walk which have been uploaded are tagged wwdc-photowalk.

500px is giving away two Awesome accounts to Brandon Bohling and Kendall Gelner.

Couple by Brandon Bohling (bbohling) on
Couple by Brandon Bohling

Leather by Kendall Gelner (kigi) on
Leather by Kendall Gelner

Thanks again for everyone who participated, and especially to Michael Fey for organizing what I hope will become an annual event at WWDC.

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Lorenzo Montezemolo  over 2 years ago
Congrats to Brandon and Kendall!

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