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500px acquires Algo Anywhere

Published by Oleg Gutsol · July 9th 2012

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that 500px has acquired Algo Anywhere — the recommendation technology company based in Toronto. We are excited to welcome Adam Gravitis and Zach Aysan, the founders of Algo, who have joined 500px today. With the help of Algo Anywhere's technology, 500px will be able to enhance the image discovery and rating algorithms as well as improve the scalability, durability and security of our systems.

This marks the next step in our company evolution to lead the best online photography user experience in the world.

For more details please read Colleen Taylor’s latest TechCrunch article.


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Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Hey everyone, for press release and other details about this acquisition please read:
- Article on TechCrunch
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Arthur Brunner  over 2 years ago
don´t understand the benfit of this merger for photographers !
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Luke Strothman  over 2 years ago
GET RID OF THIS DISLIKE CRAP! Upto 6 a day now! Seriously 500px? Paying members like myself would like to be heard,
Lorenzo Montezemolo  over 2 years ago
I hope the acquisition/absorption of Algo Anywhere leads to the sunsetting of the ridiculous and abuse-prone anonymous Dislike button.
kombizz kashani  over 2 years ago
I am confused dot com !
Henry Stradford  over 2 years ago
Clueless here also!
Karl Williams  over 2 years ago
I've read the Algo blurb and have to say I'm none the wiser about what it is exactly they will provide, in the context of 500px, that will make things so much better. A brief summary, in user-friendly language, would be much appreciated.
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Vit Vitali vinduPhoto  over 2 years ago
:-) welcome!!
Marcus Adams  over 2 years ago
WTF is it? Why have you bought it? Don't assume your readers know these things....
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Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Hi Marcus, Algo Anywhere is a Canadian machine learning company dedicated to the development of easy-to-use, reliable and useful services developed with some of the latest results from the academic AI research community.
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Roman K  over 2 years ago
good news, when can we expect to see the results of it :)
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Małgorzata Tymińska  over 2 years ago
Great news.
Chris Taylor  over 2 years ago
Muddassar Jawed  over 2 years ago
John Stokes (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Great news to see you continue to grow. Looking forward to whatever changes lie ahead.
Muddasir Javed  over 2 years ago
Congratulations. Cant wait to see what lies ahead.
Simon Harper  over 2 years ago
Excellent news.

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