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500px for iPad 1.5

Published by Ash Furrow · July 10th 2012

We're excited to announce that today we have released version 1.5 of our iPad app. The most exciting feature in 1.5 is the addition of support for push notifications: you'll now be notified when someone comments, likes, or faves one of your photos. We'll also let you know when your photos reach Upcoming or Popular, and when they're added to Editor's Choice. Of course, you're able to choose not to receive these notifications in the app's Settings menu.

Notifications new in version 1.5

Also new in 1.5 is the ability to log into 500px with Twitter, a feature we added recently to our website. We've integrated our Friend Finder into the app so you can easily follow users from Facebook and Twitter.

First-time users will be shown a tour demonstrating key features of the app. Users who already use the app can find the same tour under the Settings menu.

Finally, this version addresses lots of issues that users have reported to us. We really appreciate all the feedback we get from our dedicated users and we take all the suggestions you send us very seriously. Specifically, we've added the ability to tap on a user in a comments list to see their profile. We've also significantly improved performance for users on the first generation iPad.

Get the app on the App Store.


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William House  over 2 years ago
Will you guys be adding the Flow option to the app? I really like being able to see my friends' favorites but can't seem to do that in the app. I can do it online just fine with the Flow option.
kombizz kashani  over 2 years ago
I am planning to buy Samsung S3
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Marcial Quintero  over 2 years ago
please add this to the android application please!!!..this should be a very welcomed feature!!!:.
Awesome Account
Ralph Burkhart  over 2 years ago
Great update, thanks!
But for me push notification makes only sense on the iPhone. I can't always carry around my iPad.
BTW, where's the iPhone app?
John Stokes (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Great update with the notifications :)
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Skylar Primm (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Any news on an iPhone version of the app? ISO500 is nice enough, but I am a huge fan of the official iPad app and would love to see what your crew could do for the iPhone.
Stefan Schaal  over 2 years ago
Me too. I understand, that the experience on an iPad will be far superior to on an iPhone, but as one can see from ISO500 it is possible and not even that bad.
Marius Mählen  over 2 years ago
Will there be something like that Notification Button on the Webpage as well? I'm not too happy with that E-Mail solution.
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Ash Furrow  over 2 years ago
You can access a similar feed now on the website at by hovering over "You" and selecting "Activity."

I like your idea for a notification badge on the website. I've passed it along to our design team :)

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