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Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: Stats for July are in

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · August 2nd 2010

"Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics"— I'm sure you've heard that sayin'. Alas, we are here not to lie, but to be as transparent as possible. Actually, that's one of our goals — to be as open as a company can ever be, and to fuel the change in a business environment by being as transparent as perfectly Windex'ed window.

Last time we covered stats for January, half a year have passed by, and here are the numbers for July. We've changed the design, added more features, and recorded a steady growth since then.

To summarize, we had close to 280,000 unique visitors, over 2,000,000 pageviews and pretty good results for 'pages per visit' and 'average time on site'.

In our trailing month statistics we already pushed beyond 280,000 visitors. Ah, a note to remember: that doesn't include stats for our magazine (we track it separately), or for other projects, like LiveJournal community or Beruphoto.

We are growing with a marketing budget still set at $0, and we pride ourselves in being able to cope with that growth. Our next goal? For September, we want to fly by 340,000 unique visitors and want to push beyond 2,500,000 pageviews. Stay with us, and let's see where the future takes us.

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