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Take Back The City

Published by Diana Tula · September 10th 2012

Want to get featured on our blog? Every Monday a theme is announced and you have until Sunday to submit your entry. Upload photos to your 500px profile, then email us the links. You may already have a photo that suits or you can see it as a weekly photo challenge. For announced theme and deadline continue reading.

This week's theme was: Take Back The City.

New theme is: Ghosts and The Paranormal

Theme is open to interpretation so get creative, get snapping and send us the links to Deadline is September 16th at 12pm (EST).

Big thanks to everyone who participated this week!


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Viola Thalia  over 2 years ago
thanks for including my picture "Small World"!! :-)
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Nigel Donald  over 2 years ago
How do I submit an image ?
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Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Email with a link to your photo, make sure that it fits the current theme and has been uploaded to your 500px page.
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Congrats all!
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Sebastien Beun  over 2 years ago
Congratulations everyone! All these images are beautiful :-)
Julien Tordjman  over 2 years ago
Thanks for including my picture of Paris! :-)

(For information, there is a mistake in the link. The correct link to my picture is:

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Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Fixed :)
Dávid Detkó  over 2 years ago
Thank you for being part of the article, and congratulations to the others, great photos! :)
Bernard Brand  over 2 years ago
Ahhh... Thanks for the feature! Super stoked :D
Michaël Fournier  over 2 years ago
Congratulations everyone!

Thank you so much for the feature! :D

Gloria Roldan (inactive)  over 2 years ago
Congratulations to everyone!
Israel González  over 2 years ago
Yes! Thanks for including my photo of the saxophonist! Congrats everyone :)

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