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Street Photography Hangout

Published by Diana Tula · October 16th 2012

Yesterday we presented our first Google Hangout with a panel of street photographers. Sara Collaton has generously hosted the hangout and we had wonderful guests such as Samantha Howe from Blurb Books, Lotus Carroll, Neil Ta, Christopherr Mendoza , Andrew Wonder and Chris Weeks.

Tune in to a recorded episode “Blurb + 500px Street Photography Hangout” to find out the answers to “How do you get more confident as a street photographer?”, “City or Suburban. Which is better for Street Photography?”, “Are street photographers creepy?” and other great questions that we were asked yesterday.

At the Hangout we were giving away five Awesome account memberships and invitations to private beta of MyShoebox, an unlimited free photo backup service. Congratulations to Billy, Amanjeev, William, Martin and Julie! We’ll contact you with the details of your prizes.

Did you know that Blurb Books is hosting a photo walk here in Toronto? Come join us at the Distillery District on October 23rd. Get to meet Toronto's fellow photographers, enjoy a three hour photo walk and get to mix and mingle afterwards at Cafe Uno. To reserve your spot click here and to read more about the event visit our press page. Blurb Books is also offering a discount to 500px users! Just use the coupon code 500PX25OFF when you check out and you'll save 25% up to $200 USD off your next Blurb Books purchase!

Thanks for reading! Do you have ideas about what hangouts you'd like for us to host in the future and what topics to discuss? Let us know in the comments below or via twitter @500px.


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Christopherr Mendoza  over 2 years ago
Hey Diana, you got the link to my photo site wrong as well as spelling my name :)
Had loads of fun at the hangout! Keep shooting, folks!!

Awesome Account
Diana Tula  over 2 years ago
Thanks! It's now fixed :)
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 2 years ago
The video and topic are entertaining. Back in the 80's I was doing a lot of Street Photography as a Nikon Series E pro, including infrared which was simply awesome around Detroit. one of my clients was UofM and I could have shared some tips with ya that definitely go beyond the perils of using a tripod on the streets. ;-)
Sara Collaton  over 2 years ago
So happy everyone could make it out for our discussion. We have had so many people sign up for the photowalk that will happen next Tuesday but there's plenty of room for more! Thanks to those who participated by asking some great questions as well!

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