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Pixel Hack 2012

Published by Diana Tula · October 19th 2012

Last year Pixel Hack was a huge success and we are glad to host our second event! Join us on a Pixel Hack weekend November 17-18 at Extreme Startups HQ, downtown Toronto. Design and code apps based on open rich media APIs, mix & mingle with peers, tackle creative challenges and win awesome prizes. This year’s prizes are Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras with a 35mm Lens Kit, 500px canvas prints of your choice, 27" Apple Thunderbolt Displays, and Google Nexus 7 to name a few.

We are now open for registration! This isn't a grandma’s lunchbox social so expect it to fill up quick. Every registering participant will get personalized business cards courtesy of Moo, available for pickup at Pixel Hack event. It’s a great way to scout and be scouted at the hackathon.

For a complete list of prizes, event details, time and location, award levels and more visit Pixel Hack 2012 page. To get a sense of what you are getting yourself into check out Pixel Hack 2011 video coverage.

Big thanks to our sponsors who made Pixel Hack 2012 possible. Thank you Aviary, Canon, Context.IO, GelaSkins, Henry’s, Jet Cooper, Microsoft, Moo, Windows 8, and thank you Extreme Startups for providing us with a great location.


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