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Oil Spills

Published by Diana Tula · October 25th 2012

Inspiration is a mysterious creature and it can come from the most unexpected places. This guest post is by Karissa Hosek, young & talented U.S. photographer. Read her story of inspiration that has lead her to creating unique and alluring photograph series...

When the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico happened I was living in South Texas fairly close to the coast. This disaster had a massive impact on our coastline, sea life and contaminated our waters. Seeing images of the affects from this drastic event was horrifying but from aerial view the oil was fascinating. Color, form, and shape became one large beautiful natural abstraction. I was inspired by those images and decided to revisit macro photography to recreate oil spills. Using X to describe Y, I used nail polish and other household liquids to symbolize the beauty within oil spills.

Add Karissa to friends, vote and comment on her work by visiting her 500px page. To see Karissa’s entire oil spill series head over to her website. Feel free to experiment at home with ink, nail polishes or food colouring and a macro lens to recreate this photographic look.

Karissa, thanks for sharing and thank you for reading! Do you have a photo series to share or exciting photo content to contribute to our blog? Let us know, we are always on a lookout for great talent and fresh ideas - email


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Karissa Hosek  over 2 years ago
Thank you for the feature! :D :D :D
I'm beginning my second series of these "Recreating the Universe"
Here's a sneak peak ;)

Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  over 2 years ago
She has some awesome work there!

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