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NYC Bike Trips To Work

Published by Diana Tula · November 15th 2012

Tim Sklyarov is a designer, photographer and creative director residing in the most populous city in the United States – New York City. While the usual choice of commuting in NYC is by subway, taxi or car Tim prefers his road bike. Traveling to and from work every day on a bike, he documented his daily trips and encounters in 2001. We’d like to share with you his NYC bike trips to work captured from an unusual angle. Watch out for tourists, jwalkers, pedestrians jumping from behind parked cars and other road hazards.

To see the full documentary of Tim’s road bike city adventures visit his website. Want to add Tim to friends and follow his photographs? Then check out Tim's 500px page.

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Dimitrie Vadim Stanescu  over 2 years ago
love the concept, although it's well spread around, the pics look ny ish. good job!
Dirklaudio Fasetti  over 2 years ago
Wow!! Complimenti!! Bella idea e foto bellissime!!
chris panas  over 2 years ago
Wonderful, awesome idea!
Nathaniel Dodson  over 2 years ago
This is super cool! Killer idea!
Andres Evan  over 2 years ago
Este proyecto es muy bueno, sigan así y disfrutenlo!
Lex Arias  over 2 years ago
NIce... very nice
johnny Prosianik  over 2 years ago
great pictures
very nice idea

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