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500px Team talks about the new iPhone App

Published by Diana Tula · November 30th 2012

Wednesday we presented 500px iPhone app to the world and held a live Q&A the same day with a panel of 500px team members who worked on the app. We were broadcasting live to answer your questions about the new app. At the hangout we had Eric Akaoka, Adam Shutsa, Ash Furrow and Paddy O’Brien to answer your questions, which they received via Twitter, Facebook, G+ and comments on YouTube.

Tune in to the recorded episode of the hangout and find out answers to questions like: “What was the thinking behind design?”, “What about ISO500?”, “Challenges when iPhone 5 came out?”, “What makes this app different from the rest?”, “Did you use open source code?”, “Why is there no uploading?” etc.

To download the iPhone app visit iTunes store or our iPhone app page. Thank you for making 500px the #3 free photo app in the App Store, right after YouTube and Instagram. If you like the app, please visit the iTunes page to leave a review and help spread the word.

Right after app's release Mark Shannon wrote a great review of his first experience with 500px iPhone app. His review includes screen shots of the tour and step by step interaction with the app. If you’re new to the app or want to get a feel of it before downloading check out Mark’s article.

Get in touch with us & leave us your feedback! Leave a comment below or tweet us @500px.


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Jeremy Somerville  about 2 years ago
It's a very nicely polished app, I'm impressed. I do however have a couple of suggestions:

1. The notifications table view is laggy/jerky. Without looking at the code it's pretty hard to know the cause but the I reckon it would almost certainly be the loading of images (although could also be reading from a database?). If you can, it'd be awesome if you move that image loading code to a background thread (with NSOperationQueue or similar) and then display it when they're ready. Should really smooth out that jerkiness.

2. Ability to 'slide up' a photo to view desc/comments

3. Categories? I couldn't find a way to filter by category. I'd say possibly a design choice to maximise usability? It'd be awesome if this could be added, but I fully understand if it can't be added for UX reasons.

Forgive me if anything is discussed in the video above, I didn't watch it all as it is super long and the audio was kinda annoying me haha.

Awesome Account
Ash Furrow  about 2 years ago
Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. The notifications table view is pretty jerky - unfortunately, it's much more complex of a problem than just loading images from the API or our local Core Data store. It should be fixed in 2.0.1 — let us know if it's still causing problems.

We've heard other users ask for a shortcut gesture to slide up the photo details view and we're looking into possibilities. We're also working on category select, and you'll see it in our next point release, which will be out soon.

If you ever have any other feedback, don't hesitate to let us know!


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