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Published by Diana Tula · December 13th 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we'd like to hear what they are. Every Thursday we feature a photograph or photo series by one of 500px photographers, sharing with you the stories behind these images.

Today we’d like to share with you the story behind “EAT TRASH !!”, a photograph taken by K-56. K-56 is a photo duet of Gábor Szentpétery & Jakub Geltner, professional photographers from Czech Republic.

La Chureca is the biggest garbage dump in Central America, it is a lively sewer of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. This dumping ground lies on the shores of the contaminated lake Xolotlán. Hundreds of human trash recyclers search in tons of smoldering garbage searching mainly for metals such as copper or aluminum. Others concentrate on searching for glass which can be sold for cheap, but it is there in bigger amounts.

The majority of searchers are families with children for whom recycling is a regular job. The children are also there, very often they eat the food they find at the dump, none of them go to school, they suffer from skin diseases and have high levels of lead and DDT (an insecticide, which in humans may affect health through genotoxicity or endocrine disruption) in blood. Many of them sniff glue, the drug of the poorest. The inhabitants of Managua say that there is the end of the world, it is right here in Nicaragua – it is called La Chureca.

While I was taking this photo I was attacked by a guy who grabbed my camera from behind in order to steal it, but with the help of my friends and tear gas we scared him away after a short fight.

Thanks for reading! Visit K-56 500px page for more photos and to check the photo specs of their work (exposure, aperture, equipment, etc). Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.


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andy 126 (inactive)  about 1 year ago
Superb work. Looks like a still from District 9.
Pengertian Pengertian
Marc Melander  about 2 years ago
Superb work. Looks like a still from District 9.
Awesome Account
Nik [Nitro] Yur  about 2 years ago
Watch movie Samsara (2011), shows very well the beauty and ugliness and ultimately the frailty of civilizations.
Thank you for the insight.
PEDRO FERNANDEZ  about 2 years ago
An image of the ugly truth... Btw, great photo despite of the reality it shows
Lauretta Santarossa  about 2 years ago
It does look like the end of the world...terrible but great photograph

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