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Unveiling New Themes & More

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · April 11th 2011

For the past weeks we have been working hard to bring you some fresh features that we had been developing in special secret laboratories in the frozen north. Since we launched them, I can now speak what they are. Here we go.

We have introduced 4 new portfolio designs. All of them have, as usual, been adapted for iPhone and iPad, making presentation an easy and effortless task. All 4 themes are for premium members only, so get your Awesome account today — it’s cheap! (read below about cool features you'll get)

Moreover, you can now upload your custom logo for every portfolio. It’s fun and easy. See what can come out from it in this examples: and Comment or tweet us if your portfolio has a cool logo, we will add it here.

We have also upgraded all designs with faster core, so they will load faster and they have been tested with all modern browsers on both Windows and Mac. If you want especially quick performance, select mobile-optimized portfolio themes, such as Tiles, Square or Organizer. Remember — we do not resize or scale down your photos, so if you use highest quality JPG’s, we will keep them intact, so if you want blazing-fast speed, keep your JPG’s light and nimble.

We have spend few weeks and have migrated the site from Rails 2 to Rails 3 and have upgraded database servers, so everything should be smooth and quick now. If you have performance issues, please let us know at

Part of new design theme, we have revealed new Login and Sign Up pages, which are light, beautiful, and easy to use on iPad/iPhone or computer. Look forward for move elements being moved to this new design language.

We have also included a personal Facebook Like on each profile page, so now you can not only “Like” cool photos, but also recommend cool photographers. Plus, it’s a great marketing tool for you, photographers, so go ahead and use it!

As requested, we have added 4 new categories by which you can sort photos — Nature, Performing Arts, Family & Street. This categories, which you can select when you upload photos, help others discover photographs based on theme. Use it wisely.

Apart from site news, we have updated our community on LiveJournal (located at to be more accessible via iPad or iPhone, and have translated most of the nagivation to English. Check it out for daily selection by our Editors.

Awesome account is just $50 per year (less than the price of a great cappuccino per month) and give you everything that you need to excel as a photographer on the internet. You’ll get access to exclusive designs, many customization options, and will have unlimited collections and uploads. Don’t worry about hosting — it’s unlimited. Don’t worry about domain — you get, or get your domain at or NameCheap and set it up to work with your portfolio. With all that, you can build your custom web-site in just minutes and enjoy a great feeling of having your cool-looking portfolio online. Are you ready to become awesome today?

PS: If you want to try awesome account, just follow us on twitter @500px, and message us, or email us at — we’ll get you a free trial, and help you in setting up your custom domain or Google Analytics.

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Joe Hyland  over 3 years ago
Is there any way of previewing the premium themes? A few demo portfolios would be nice.
Amit Trivedi  over 3 years ago
Do you have an example of the tiles theme please?
Evan Kemper  over 3 years ago
any more new themes soon? :)
Андрей Титовский  almost 4 years ago
Oleg Gutsol  almost 4 years ago

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