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Best of 2012: Film

Published by Sara Collaton · December 29th 2012

Contrary to popular belief that film is a dying medium, we believe that as long as there are photographers there always will be film. Today we’d like to present to you ten best photos in Film category of 2012. To view previously announced categories scroll down the blog and stay tuned for new 2012 lists announced daily on the blog.

*** by Aleksandra Kirievskaya

City Library by Shu Koumura

Russian Seasons by yan omelnitsky

Untitled by Konstantin Petrushenko

Untitled by Matt Pringle

*** by oprisco

Pa by Alexey Rysich

The Writer by manlio reina

Sunshine Song by Maria Gvedashvili

Brothers. by Xenie Zasetskaya


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ican Lightcatcher  about 2 years ago
i love film :D
Awesome Account
David Rothwell  about 2 years ago
Some fantastic pieces of work.
Liubov Terletska  about 2 years ago
Really brilliant works..
kombizz kashani  about 2 years ago
good shot practice
Awesome Account
Aake Kinnunen  about 2 years ago
Wehey, nice category, love film.
Ravi Shankar  about 2 years ago
I love the "Sunshine Song" photo.

Especially the innocence on the little girl's face.

Siju Doniston  about 2 years ago
cool photos
Awesome Account
Juergen Novotny  about 2 years ago
Beautiful works with the special - and hopefully never dying - effect of film...
Miguel Esteves  over 2 years ago
All excellent and an inspiration. Thank you
Carlos Magalhães  over 2 years ago
Belíssimas fotos!
Jennifer Heinen  over 2 years ago
they are all so beautiful! Film never dies! <3

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