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Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · April 27th 2011

For the past several months we have been getting a lot more emails that we can handle, even considering our unusual shifts of 11am to 3am or 8am to 9pm. Yep, we have been working pretty hard lately, handling growth, squashing bugs, and dreaming about the future.

And so our long-held policy of answering all emails within 24 hours had crashed under load. We love emails (and you can always send those to, but the sheer quantity if overwhelming.

And so here's our first step to the better support and help — the new Help page (Link: or see link in footer menu). It features automated Get Satisfaction system, which allows you to submit problems, ideas and praise (we love those!). All questions and problems are tracked, allowing to gather a complete list of all problems, bugs and requests for our community, so it will get better with time.

And every problem or question you made will be emailed to us, and we — and our fellow users too — can answer those. So let discussion begin, we are here to help and we want you to get complete satisfaction.

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Awesome Account
Kyra Neeley  over 3 years ago
What is Error 2038?
Awesome Account
Kyra Neeley  over 3 years ago
Why does the site keep dropping my pictures as well as repeatedly failing to load? Is it having widespread technical problems or shutting down?

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