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The Last Three Days

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev ยท May 5th 2011

It's time for some stats. We are delighted to inform that the last three days have seen the most traffic ever, propelling our ranking far above our regular numbers.

Since the server upgrades, which increased our capacity and processing power twofold and made site more responsive, we had some traffic gains, getting 73,700 visits on May 2, 74,000 on May 3 and a record 76,200 visits on May 4. May the 4th be with you, as some say.

By the way, on May 4 alone we served 550,000 pages, our another record!

On the day with highest traffic our site reach a rank of 3-thousand range. Which means, we were ranked in the top 4000 sites on the internet, a huge gain on our site!

We are looking forward to having 1,800,000 visits in the next 30 days, and continuing our growth together with our users :-)

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Matt Heltsley  over 3 years ago
I would actually be happier if you got your lightroom export plugin working with Jeffrey Friedl. I am really looking forward to that. Right now I am holding off on uploads or purchasing a pro account until this is worked out. I don't understand why you are happy about such small numbers? They would be so much bigger if you made it easier for photographers (the vast majority of which use lightroom) to upload images directly from lightroom via an export plugin.
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Michelle Brecher  almost 4 years ago
Congrats to Ian and the team at 500px... i am sure you will see alot more activity since alot of Flickr members have found new homes here. <3

I look forward to watching you grow!


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Steppeland - Lutgarde De Brouwer  almost 4 years ago
Impressing! :)
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Polina Rabtseva  almost 4 years ago
? congrats! you worth it!
I'll make a cake for you guys!
Andrey Ospishchev  almost 4 years ago
???????? ???????. ??? ???????!!! :)
Marius Tudor  almost 4 years ago
Congratulations! :)
Stamatis Gr  almost 4 years ago
We'll see that 500px will become the No1 Photography site!
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  almost 4 years ago
Thanks a lot for your comments and compliments :)
We'll be working to optimize site, increase speed and introduce tons of cool new features for our photographers :)
Alastair Laidlaw  almost 4 years ago
Amazing I hope that equals an even better site.
Alastair Moore  almost 4 years ago
I read about you guys on Thomas Hawks' blog (but didn't notice the discount code until I'd subscribed!). 500px seems to be exactly what I'm looking for for a Flickr replacement. Well done, it's fantastic. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the Lightroom plugin and the iPad and iPhone app to go with it! :)
efsae brudder  almost 4 years ago
Tommy Lund  almost 4 years ago
Fabulous :)
Michal Dzierza  almost 4 years ago
Go! Go! Go! :)
Raymond Andrews  almost 4 years ago
I think you had better get used to it :)
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Nadine Moynat  almost 4 years ago
Great !
Alexander Ipfelkofer  almost 4 years ago
those are nice stats! gratz!

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