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Best of 2012: People

Published by Diana Tula · January 14th 2013

My Family & I by Martin Bennett

smoker III by Hartmut Nörenberg

Mimo by Sol Vzquez Cantero

Veiled by Abdulrahman Jaber

Untitled by Darya Poteryaeva

Keep Tryin by Ben Benowski

..???????? ?????.. by Tsubyl’ka Iris

SMOKER... by abe less

Scars by Julian Holtom


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Jakub Ostrowski  about 2 years ago
A few nice portraits, a few fantastic portraits (congratulations!) and the crappy photo-manipulation...
Brian Shaw  about 2 years ago
Hi Mark, i don't see anything wrong with it, you see a lot of nudes here yet i bet every hot blooded male won't complain...tastefully done or not. Capturing smoke is like capturing water, it's totally random and needs to be well lit to stand out. I'm. No smoker but i appreciate that.
Mark Wisecarver (inactive)  about 2 years ago
Yo 500px, do you view smoking differently than most of us?
Granted this is Art but IMHO you do an injustice to humanity by including them. </opinion>
David Escalante  about 2 years ago
Photography should be seen without prejudices or any personal point of view, photo is a paint, a paint made with light, it's just that, a captured moment made beautifully with the artistic skill of the photographer.

Anything else, is just perception of the viewer.

I neither like see people smoking and I don't support it, but that just an opinion, the photos are incredible and beautifully captured, it's a fact.

Szymon Sztajer  about 2 years ago
Still waiting for the best of architecture ;)
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Diana Tula  about 2 years ago
Best of architecture photos were already posted:


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