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The answer is Yes!

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · June 22nd 2011

Is iPhone app coming?
Is iPad app coming?
Are you developing Lightroom plugin?
Do you have Aperture plugin in works?
Are you planning Android app?
Are you going to do Flickr importer?
Are you going to release API?
Do you have geo-location in the works?
Are you developing forums/groups?
Will you have thumbnail previews on Twitter?

The answer is Yes!

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Paul Westlake  about 3 years ago
Any news on that Aperture plug-in?! Can't wait!
Alex Schmutz  about 3 years ago
any news on the aperture plugin?
Martin Altemöller  about 3 years ago
Aperture Plugin would be great!
David Gómez-Rosado  over 3 years ago
Aperture Plug-In (and ability to download source photo file) would be last nail on Flickr's coffin for me
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Mark Kujath  over 3 years ago
Aperture plugin? Gonna get "awesome" then!
Oliver Niegisch  over 3 years ago
Can't wait for the Aperture plugin...
David Queenan  over 3 years ago
Please NO to groups like Flickr that have silly icons and rules like "post 1, comment on 3, fav... etc"
Shannon Donoho  over 3 years ago
Any word on the Lightroom plugin?
Shannon Donoho  over 3 years ago
Any word on the Lightroom plugin?
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Olivier H  over 3 years ago
dump dump dump for the aperture plugin
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Jimmy Dickinson  over 3 years ago
And iPad app!
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Jimmy Dickinson  over 3 years ago
I would love love my 500px blog to feature in my portfolio and can't wait for the iPhone app! Keep up the good work, I haven't been this excited about a website in ages (not mentioning google+).
Angela B Photography  over 3 years ago
Will you be adding a blog portion to the portfolio, especially for your domain hosting?
Hugh Chaloner  over 3 years ago
Fab site, love the inspiration in here. Will be even better for me when the ipad app is ready, lightroom plugin and dare i hope for the ability to email a photo to my port?
for me when the ipad app is ready, lightroom plugin and dare i hope for the ability to email a photo to my port?

Denis Rasia  over 3 years ago
Cant wait for iPad app, and please, no flickr style groups
Donna Luker  over 3 years ago
I think it's so cool that Ian & Co are listening to their users & actually acting on requests. I'd like to add my "hell NO" to groups. Please & thank you.
Stan Deeks  over 3 years ago
When iphone, flickr importer, lightroom comes I will 100% buy a full membership.
tommyle  over 3 years ago
When's the API coming?
Sreekumar Menon  over 3 years ago
Waiting for api
Chuck Leamon  over 3 years ago
I'd like to see a lightbox view and (intuitive) keyboard navigation for it.
Chuck Leamon  over 3 years ago
One thing (of many) I really like is that you have to be a member to 'like' / 'dislike', etc.
Marcel Wetterhahn  over 3 years ago
Keep up the good work!
Michelle Rocha  over 3 years ago
i need a better method to upload!
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Alberto Acero  over 3 years ago
Yes... but when?
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Don J Schulte  over 3 years ago
Do really want to unleash a flickr importer? Sounds like a possible bad idea. Flickr groups too. Forum structure is better. Thank you for the thought you put into your roadmap and your inclusion of the community in the feature planning.
Ignacio Toledo  over 3 years ago
Looking forward for the API! Keep it up!
Vitor Sá  over 3 years ago
nice! you guys are doing an amazing job!
Eric Chan  over 3 years ago
Can't wait for the API and mobile apps :D
Mike Pistone  over 3 years ago
That is basically my wish list. Great job guys.

Maybe consider some sort of Zenfolio/Smugmug integration for purchase options

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Thomas Egger  over 3 years ago
Are you guys doing a great job? YES!
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Jeff Clow  over 3 years ago
Sounds like great stuff is coming - thanks to all of you for making this such a terrific site for photographers.
Steve Hébert  over 3 years ago
Are y'all going to get tweetdeck integration and a way to link the 'blog' tab on 500px to a blogger acct?
Emmanuel Dubois  over 3 years ago
I agree with Craig Booth, no flickr style groups. Forums would be nice (by photo styles or gear, etc.), but no group. 500px sharing is just 100x better!
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 3 years ago
John, search is pretty sub-par right now for our expectations, so it is going to have a major overhaul :)
John Stokes (inactive)  over 3 years ago
Looking forward to the Ipad app and also groups and forums. I have one question "Will you be making search more like your main pages rather than tiny thumbnails?"
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 3 years ago
Philip, we are a team of 4, working 7 days a week for 10-14 hour days. The answer to release date — as soon as possible, but most things should be out before the autumn.
Philip Schwarz  over 3 years ago
When are these features coming ?
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 3 years ago
Mark, we are going to overhaul Portfolio thoughout the summer — with a bit more hands in our team we can make pretty much everything possible :)
Mark Pouley  over 3 years ago
A little more focus on portfolios so we can sale from there would be perfect. I would love to move 100% to 500px
A Good Eye (inactive)  over 3 years ago
Crikey, and there are only 4 of you?!?!?
Scott Webb  over 3 years ago
Something very interesting is emerging.
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James Hall  over 3 years ago
Yay to all of the above, bar the groups thing. Would love some improvements to the Portfolio side of things.
+3 no groups!
Henning Nilsen  over 3 years ago
+2 I'm all for forums, but to hell with groups.
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Andrey Tochilin  over 3 years ago
Forward/backward navigation buttons :)
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Douglas Knisely  over 3 years ago
+1 for no flickr-style groups with invites. Pretty please!
Denis Belyaev  over 3 years ago
????? API ?????? ? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ??????? HTML ????? :)
Craig Booth (inactive)  over 3 years ago
Awesome, but please... No flickr style groups. 500px has sharing just perfect here! :)
David Charles  over 3 years ago
Sounds good! Seems like this is going to be a killer place come end of summer. Well, even more killer I guess!
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Andrey Tochilin  over 3 years ago
And API as well ;)

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