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Bill Hornstein's Burning Man

Published by Diana Tula · February 12th 2013

Meet Bill Hornstein, an art director from Los Angeles, USA and hobbyist photographer whose work ranges from portrait to landscape photography. Looking at his work the immediate reaction is that you either went mad or that Bill travelled to an alternate reality for some cool snapshots.

Later it may dawn on you that these photos are actually from Burning Man, a world famous event that happens annually in Black Rock Desert, northern Nevada that brings people together for a week to live in community where money has no value. Captivated by Bill Hornstein’s photos of the event we'd like to share the Burning Man awesomeness with you, enjoy!

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Adrien Malevé  almost 2 years ago
Amazing series !
Ric Hampton  about 2 years ago
Interesting!...wonderful series
Hugh Núñez  about 2 years ago
Maravilloso, un gran trabajo. Feliciades.
Bura Peace  about 2 years ago
great pics
Ivan Ralchev  about 2 years ago
Great series! Thanks! It's an old wish of mine to go and see it in person.
Garett MacLaren  about 2 years ago
very cool pictures, wish i was there!
Szentgyörgyi János  about 2 years ago
huhuu this fantastic series, great! :)
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Catherine MacBride  about 2 years ago
awesome images :)

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