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Published by Diana Tula · February 13th 2013

Listen to Yvonne Ding, both a flight attendant and a street photographer as she shares a story of an acquaintance that broke and humbled her heart. This video was recorded for the 11/11/11 project, a worldwide event where people from all over the world were asked to go out and capture a part of their day using film, photography, music, sound and text. Since then all submissions were compiled into a film, which can be viewed at a local screening world-wide every November 11th.

Last time we featured “A Travelling iPhonographer”, a short documentary featuring well-known iPhonographer Kevin Russ. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured. Send in links to your videos to We’re always open to fresh and exiting content and ideas.


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Yulia Beylina  about 2 years ago
like it. Thank for this story)
Dave Schmidt  about 2 years ago
Very inspirational, it!❤
Igor Koptilin  about 2 years ago
thanks, like it
Shuvro Saha  about 2 years ago
& a great initiation for inspiration :)
Andy Grimshaw  about 2 years ago
Fascinating, amazing and humbling all at the same
Mişulikă Rădulescu  about 2 years ago
Wonderful Story ... i like it very much !
Idzhar ISTAR  about 2 years ago
inspiring story. good job.

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