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Published by Diana Tula · February 14th 2013

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not it is a good day to think of those we love and do good deeds with love and open heart. To share our love with you we are giving away 14 Awesome cards. All you have to do is Upload a photo with a tag "500pxlovesme" by February 18th. To see how the card looks like and for more details please read the previous blog post.

We are overjoyed with all entries we got so far and would like to share these wonderful images with you! Enjoy twenty beautiful images by 500px photographers and stay tuned for more photos posted, we will try to share as many photos as possible :) Click on your favourite photo to send it to a friend or to befriend the photographer.


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Amit Shaw  about 2 years ago
Great Great :)
Oisin Conolly  about 2 years ago
great selection! so nice to see my shot included in it too :)
Mohamed Mekhamer  about 2 years ago
Mostafa Naghizadeh  about 2 years ago
beautiful photos. thanx
László Reszegi  about 2 years ago
Great selection. :) Here's mine:
Awesome Account
Lina, Bulgaria  about 2 years ago
Great selection - warming the heart - thank U:))

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