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Meet the Team: 500px Tunes

Published by Diana Tula · February 22nd 2013

Good morning! Did you meet the team behind 500px? If you haven’t yet, visit our team page for a brief introduction. For you to get to know us better, to find out who are the folks behind 500px and what it is that we actually do we’re starting a new ongoing feature on the blog titled “Meet the team”.

We’d like to start our introduction sharing our favorite music of 2012 with you. It’s our playlist from Grooveshark so it may require Flash.

500px 2012 by 500px on Grooveshark

If you have any questions that you’d like to ask our team members or requests that you’d like to see as part of the “Meet the team” feature let us know in the comments below. To get the latest coverage and behind the scenes scoop follow 500px Instagram curated by 500px co-founders Evgeny Tchebotarev and Oleg Gutsol.


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Kashiwaphoto  about 2 years ago
That's a wonderful idea to share your music with all us 500pxist !
Thank you for give us al the opportunity to share our passion for beauty !
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chris mcclanahan  about 2 years ago
direct link!/playlist/500px+2012/80438863
Tomás Cortés  about 2 years ago
it's always nice to meet the team that bring to us such an amazing chance to share our pictures :-)!
Awesome Account
Diana Tula  about 2 years ago
Thanks Tomas! :D

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