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Published by Jen Tse · July 27th 2011

Hey 500px users, it’s time to get updated! A bit about myself—I’m Jen Tse, a Toronto-based photographer, journalist, and media junkie. From now on I’ll be managing the blog and other media updates for 500px as its Media Director. Feel free to get in touch by email or on Google+. Things are just getting busier as the site grows and we are excited to roll out more improvements and features than ever.

Expect to hear from us weekly with the latest news from the 500px development team. But that’s not all. We want our blog to become a forum for discussion and a showcase for the talent that makes 500px shine. Our goal is to build an interactive community and to put the spotlight on its best (think exclusive photographer interviews and other goodies). Be sure to check back often, and don’t be shy—leave a comment and tell us what’s on your mind. We always love hearing from you!

What's Happened Over the Last Week

Thanks to our fast-growing and dedicated community, we achieved what we couldn’t even have hoped for— passed 4 million visits in the last 30 days. That’s 35 million pageviews and 1.9 million unique visitors. To compare with last month, we had 3.5 million visits. Things are only looking up!

The 500px team welcomes Ruslan Doroshenko as our new Systems Architect. He will be doing back-end work for us, creating high-scalable systems. With his help, we’ll be able to handle many more users and photos. He will be providing more support for future growth.

We’ve redesigned the way our uploader works from the back end. It shouldn’t crash as much anymore. In the worst case scenario, it will be slower than usual, but it is now much more robust and responsive to high volume uploads.

The way our photos are shown has also been redesigned on the back end—no changes from the front end. We’re using less code, so it loads faster. The system will also be more responsive because less resources will be used.

What We’re Working On Right Now

All of the changes we’ve made over the last week and will make in coming weeks have been to prepare the system for increased volume.

We’re now re-factoring our comments sections to make them more compact, more robust, and less challenging for our servers. We will also be re-factoring our email system.

Wrapping up API: soon you will be able to take our API and use it with other applications. Examples of these would be Lightroom integration and Flickr plugins. We’ll be beta testing this internally next week, and hopefully releasing it to select developers the week after (mid-August). Those interested in developing something cool with the API can contact Arseniy Ivanov.

As always, we encourage you to contact us with suggestions for improvements to the site, or to determine any potential bugs and fixes. Chat with us on Google+, or leave a comment below.

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Fabio Sirna (inactive)  over 3 years ago
An Aperture plugin would be great. Thanks.
Awesome Account
JD Hascup  over 3 years ago
I'm looking forward to the Lr plugin. Also, it would be nice that when I select do not show nudes to not have the placeholder boxes displayed.

This is a great service and the layout works very well.

ESB Media  over 3 years ago
+1 on the Lightroom Export Plugin! Any ETA? At any rate, I'm really stoked I found this site! Will be upgrading as soon as I can. Thank you 500px!
Steve Wright Jr.  over 3 years ago
congrats I can't wait for everything to be released :0
Alistair Keddie  over 3 years ago
Hi Jen
Have noticed a potential bug with the portfolio and thought I'd ask if anyone else is experiencing the same. When I try to delete the logo I've uploaded and return to the original text look, it doesn't happen. I can upload and replace the file but not get rid of it. Any ideas?

all the best

ps I'd second that lightroom publish service request! )

Alistair Keddie  over 3 years ago
Hi Jen, not quite sure if this is the right place to report a bug but I'm noticing that when I try to delete my logo on the portfolio it doesn't happen. I can upload new files okay, but not return to the original text based entry. Just wondering if anyone else has come upon this?

Oh yes, while on, I'll second that Lightroom Publish service! )

all the best

David Herreman  over 3 years ago
Hey I'm new here on, thanks for your work on this great and promising website! not upgraded yet but sure I will :)
Plus Account
Ronnie Boehm  over 3 years ago
Thanks for the updates, you guys are doing a great job! If possible, it would be awesome to have the blog as an optional tab in the portfolio. I am using 500px as a website under my own domain and including the blog there would be great.
Plus Account
Thomas Richter  over 3 years ago
Thanks Jen Tse, cool to see you working @ 500px... COOL and congrats!
Looking forward to the new features and improvements !!
Awesome Account
Sergio Burani  over 3 years ago
Lightroom Publish Service for 500px would at the top of my list. How about G+?
Sam Catchesides  over 3 years ago
Thanks for the update :)
If your looking for suggestions, keyboard naigation (left/right to move to next/previous picture) and allowing purchasing through my portfolio are high on my lists, and better integration with the selling side - allow us to set prices on 500px as opposed to having to visit the other site and set different prices for the different collections we have.

Thanks again,

Guillaume Le Roy  over 3 years ago
I'm excited to see what we'll be able to do with your API ! Sure we could realize great things !
Leonor Acaso  over 3 years ago
You are amazing, guys. I'm impressed with everything you improve.

For me, any change to navigate the photos with keyboard will be perfect.
About improve comment's structure, for me is not so important, but I agree the activity is so... don't know... light! If we can see the complete activity at a glance, will be great.

Awesome Account
Tor-Erik Bakke  over 3 years ago
"have the "activity" tab show the actual comment that a user leaves instead of having to go back and check each individual photo for individual comments"

great suggestion. I'll second it. I'm interested in what is said without having to click on the photo.

Also it would be good to be able to customize the activity page. If I fav 20 photos I'll often miss that somebody commented on one of mine in the middle of it all. To avoid this it would be useful to be able to toggle so that I can only see activity on your photos (and not what I did on other photos).

Simple statistics would be useful too. I.e. I want to be able to see which of my photos got the most views, fav, votes etc.

Joe McDonald  over 3 years ago
Keep up the great work! Thank you
Sarah Marino  over 3 years ago
I am really loving 500px - thanks for the update on improvements. One thing that would really improve the user experience, in my opinion, would be to have the "activity" tab show the actual comment that a user leaves instead of having to go back and check each individual photo for individual comments. It would also be nice if the highest rating a photo achieves would be stored with each image. It would be nice to be able to go back and see which photos achieved the highest level of popularity over time.


Dolwolfian Photography  over 3 years ago
Keep the good work guys!
Awesome Account
Morrie Portnoff  over 3 years ago
One suggestion would be to be able to leave a portfolio and go back to that person's "main" page easily.
Awesome Account
Tor-Erik Bakke  over 3 years ago
Thanks for the good work being done here!

One simple improvement would be an easier way to navigate your friends photos. Why not add the shortcut keys to that space too? Now I have to click and then go back. It is tedious. Also a shortcut key for commenting would be very useful.

Philippe Dame  over 3 years ago
Thanks Jen. I have one simple request that might improve the experience significantly. People like leaving and receiving comments but I hesitate to comment on a popular photo as I'm sure to get dozens of follow-up comment emails flooding my inbox. You could perhaps consolidate notifications every few hours or let people opt-out of select comment streams (could be a simple unsubscribe link in the email that only affects one photo's comment notifications).

I can't just turn off all comment notifications as I am interested in hearing back from the given photographer. I also want to receive comments on my photos. Alternatively, you could permit direct replies to comments or @mentions. A preference could exist to be notified of direct replies thus letting people turn off the general comment notification preference. Thanks for listening and sharing updates! I'm loving the site!

Mohamed Moomin  over 3 years ago
this site is awesome, adding next and pervious buttons to move between pictures would be a perfect idea..
500px Team
Evgeny Tchebotarev  over 3 years ago
Steven, here she is: ;-)
Awesome Account
Morrie Portnoff  over 3 years ago
500px is like a shot of photographic inspiration on a daily basis. Thanks all...
Steven Noreyko  over 3 years ago
Hw do we find you on G+ ? there are about 7 Jen Tse's showing up.
Rich Carstensen  over 3 years ago
Keep up the great work guys. You guys are awesome!
Jim Coleman  over 3 years ago
I am an amateur photographer and really getting excited about my of my great discoveries is
What a great site and fantastic people and photos I have met and seen. Keep up the great guys offer the best experience in photography I see online.!!!!!!
Hassan ( Rushh ) Rasheed  over 3 years ago
good to hear the updates... counting on for more features...
Alex Evers  over 3 years ago
Ive been on this for less than 24 hours and love it... Integration with Photo Mechanic would be nice in the future...
Sergi Meseguer  over 3 years ago
yeah, bring us Lr export! :-)
Ahmed Aloub  over 3 years ago
it is really good to hear that. Please consider adding next and pervious buttons to move between pictures
Callum Pepper  over 3 years ago
Lightroom integration would be amazing.
Awesome Account
Chris Lum  over 3 years ago
I'm excited for the API to be released and used with other applications. Great job so far guys!
Dan Carr  over 3 years ago
Thanks for the update guys! Look forward to seeing Lightroom integration from someone out there.
Awesome Account
Chris Lounsbury  over 3 years ago
Would love to see an Aperture plugin for uploading. Good to hear the API is coming along! Thanks for the update!
Awesome Account
Jeff Clow  over 3 years ago
Glad to see you working with 500px in this new capacity, Jen. Thanks for the update - I am looking forward to reading more in the weeks and months ahead.

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