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What's in Your Bag, Peter Crock?

Published by Jen Tse · July 28th 2011

What makes a great photographer? Besides a good pair of eyes, great intuition, some technical know-how, and sometimes sheer luck, no great photog can do what they do without their gear. And the contents of a gear bag can say a little, or a lot about a person.

The What's in Your Bag series features remarkable photographers from the 500px community and gives us a peek into what they consider their essential tools on the go. This week's feature is Peter Crock.

Who are you, Peter?

I am an amateur photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Photography has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old and took a photo course in high school. Since then, it has allowed me an outlet to express myself creatively in a way that would have been difficult in any other medium.

What do you shoot?

Streetscapes, landscapes, abstract, and portraits are my favorite subjects to capture, but I don’t allow any of them to limit what I do. The more creative a perspective I can find in things, the better.

What's in your bag?

1, 2. Lowepro shoulder bags. These are older models, so I can’t reference which ones they are specifically. 1 is my primary bag, which holds a camera and two lenses easily. 2 is when I only feel like carrying one camera and a small lens.
3. Nikon MB-10 vertical grip. I rarely use this anymore, but serves its purpose well for constant shooting in portrait.
4. Manfrotto tripod. Purchased 5 years ago and still holds up well for night shots, or double exposures.
5. Nikon D700. My only camera in my gear at the moment. Acquired last year after trading in my D300 for it. Excellent build and versatility, and love the flexibility it gives with the full frame sensor.
6. Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 DG. Anybody who is familiar with my work knows that I love to shoot wide angle, and this lens delivers in spades. Great for interior architecture, tight spaces, landscape, even streetscapes. What it lacks in the aperture department makes up for in range.
7. Nikkor 50mm f1.8 MF. A used manual focus lens I purchased a number of years ago. Great for street and portrait shoots. Found that using this manual focus was better for depth of field than my previous auto focus primes, so I kept it.
8. Nikkor 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 AF DX. A non full frame lens which gives an unfortunate crop factor. Still great for up close street shots and wide enough for landscape. I also bought this used, but has held up well after many years.

As you can tell from my gear, I am an extreme minimalist. I travel very light and take only what I need whether I go out for a few hours, or a whole day of shooting. This forces me to focus on my subject(s) rather than my equipment.

For more of Peter's photography, check out his 500px page and his website.

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David Y  over 2 years ago
Comment hidden
David Y  over 2 years ago
Great gear here. The Sigma 12-24mm is a good choice
Ashiqur Rahman  over 3 years ago
i like your minimalist list of gears...and your shots are amazingly photography is meant to be....cheers!
Awesome Account
Ivan Boden  over 3 years ago
Terrific work and great gear! I also have a Sigma 12-24mm for Canon, and I like it a lot to!
Awesome Account
Ivan Boden  over 3 years ago
Terrific, and great work to! I also have the 12-24mm Sigma for y Canon, and I like it alot to, despite being slow glass. ;-)
David Herreman  over 3 years ago
Great gear here. The Sigma 12-24mm is a good choice (I'm using the 10-20mm) for landscapes and architecture! I love your work Peter, especially your first upload here on 500px, called "Darkness Overhead".

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