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The Collodion Process

Published by Diana Tula · March 13th 2013

Follow Sam Cornwell on a journey, as he takes a traveling wet-plate collodion darkroom and walks in the footsteps of Fox-Talbot. The collodion process was invented in 1850s and almost immediately replaced daguerrotypes, which were all the rage back then. Collodion photography is a time sensitive affair, you have only 15 minutes to coat, shoot and develop a plate. Hence, you need a darkroom available at all time. Sam solved this issue by converting a 1970s caravan into a darkroom on wheels.

Sam Cornwell is a UK-based fine art urban photographer, documenting the beauty of the cities and urban life. For Sam, the most important part of being a photographer is not the equipment you own, or the process, it’s about being in the right place at the right time and having the patience to capture it. In recent years Sam has been working on many creative independent projects, such as photographing graffiti walls, beggars and experimenting with collodion process. Visit Sam’s 500px page to add him to friends and explore his work.

Last time we featured “Faith. Hope. Love.” — a moving tale of acquaintance that inspires and humbles. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured. Send in links to your videos to We’re always open to fresh and exiting content!


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Luc Thibau  almost 2 years ago
Check out also this epic movie about the same process.
Kevin Corrado  almost 2 years ago
Hoàng Phan  almost 2 years ago

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