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Marina Stenko

Published by Diana Tula · April 2nd 2013

Marina Stenko is a professional fashion photographer from Kharkiv, Ukraine working both on commercial and individual level. We were captivated with her fantasy-like fashion worlds and portraits of women who embrace their femme powers. Playing with texture and elements, such as earth, wind and water Marina creates contrasts that reinforce her subject’s dominance and frailty. Indulge in fashion photography of Marina Stenko and bow down to goddesses of modern-age pantheon.

For Marina’s full portfolio visit her 500px page, there you can add her to friends, follow her future work, and say hello.

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Christophe Debon  almost 2 years ago
Outstanding professional work !
Pranab Ghosh  almost 2 years ago
Fabulous pictures!!!
Alexey Borovskoy  almost 2 years ago
Very NICE!
Lex Arias  almost 2 years ago
Awesome Account
Jorge Coromina  almost 2 years ago
Great choice, Diana. Thanks for bringing us closer to Marina's work. She's really fantastic.
Awesome Account
Arthur Brunner  almost 2 years ago
good ones !
George Morris  almost 2 years ago
Nicely Done!!

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