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Follow Friday: Automotive Photographers

Published by Diana Tula · May 3rd 2013

Inspired by the Follow Friday hashtag movement on twitter we started a new feature on our blog. With Follow Friday posts you can discover new, popular and up-and-coming photographers from 500px to follow and add to friends. Today we are focusing on Automotive photographers.

Tim Wallace

Tim is internally recognized photographer and a pro in his field. Often he incorporates magnificent landscapes and staple architectural structures that reinforce the beauty of his main subjects — cars. If you were never a fan of this genre we guarantee that Tim Wallace’s fine art images will leave you excited & wanting to see more.

Dan Volkens

Dan is an interactive designer from Cincinnati, Ohio & photography is his hobby. The images that he posts on 500px are of cars only and we love them. It’s hard to believe that most of the images were shot at crowded car shows and we applaud his clever tight crops.

Ivan Barinov

Ivan is a 23 year old automotive photographer from Moscow, Russia. His photos are absolutely breath-taking. Take a look at his work and be amazed...

David Bouchat

Like vintage cars, good sense of humor and have a bit of fancy for bulldogs? Then you’ll love David Bouchat’s photos.

Steve Hall

For Steve automotive photography was an obvious career choice. For us getting a crush on Steve’s photos with speed blur was an obvious choice, too. His photos are oozing with crisp colours and love for speed. Let us know which one is your favourite :)

Jeremy Cliff

Jeremy Cliff marries strobe lights with cars and gets alluring automotive portraits. When browsing through his portfolio it’s hard to resists the urge to take one of the cars for a ride, or two.

Nigel Harniman

If you’ve been drained and needed new ideas on how to shoot cars Nigel’s work is a great source of inspiration. Nigel is a talented UK-based photographer and his portfolio has a great range of automotive, commercial photos and landscapes. So don’t waste any more time and get inspired now.

Ivan Nava

Washington-Born, Caracas-Raised, and Miami-Based advertising, commercial and portrait photographer sure knows how to shoot cars! Visit Ivan’s portfolio and go a journey touring US and France, while viewing automobiles.

Neil Banich

Moody, dark and powerful photos of Neil Banich transport the viewer to another reality. Where the life is dark and movie-esque and the rides are hot. Pick your own character, be it villain or hero and a car to match.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup! This is our first Follow Friday post in this genre and we can’t wait to share more features with you. Come back another Friday for more incredible photographers to follow and get inspired by. Visit last post Follow Friday: Roof Topper Photographers and discover great talents.

Who is your favourite automotive photographer at 500px? Let us know in the comments below, feel free to nominate yourself.


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Awesome Account
David Buršík  about 1 year ago
Plus Account
Christian Lipinski  almost 2 years ago
MOHAMED LAMINE FELIGHA  almost 2 years ago
Awesome Account
Luis Silva  almost 2 years ago
¡Algo you missed!
Lars Mahlberg  almost 2 years ago
Take a look at my portfolio. :)

Automotive Photography. Made in Germany.

Alexandre Albuquerque  almost 2 years ago
Nice choices!
Brian Shaw  almost 2 years ago
I wish i could have had a chance to be featured as an automotive photographer ithis list I do take both concept and real automobile photos. Automotive photography is what made me develop into a photographer well before i tackled any other subject. :)
Steve Shelley  almost 2 years ago
Black Jake & Joshua Coleman are well worthy of a mention here!
Plus Account
Black Jake  almost 2 years ago
Missed that post, thank you Steve!
Ignasi Riola  almost 2 years ago
Amazing cars,lovely!
followed all of them!
Kenny Kroeker  almost 2 years ago
I think you might have missed a few.
Apryananda Aulia  almost 2 years ago
Followed them all! I love automotive photos
Amit Shaw  almost 2 years ago
Superb Collection.. Going to follow them all. Thanks.
Plus Account
Miguel K  almost 2 years ago
Fantastic work, nice choices!
Awesome Account
Dan Volkens  almost 2 years ago
SUPER humbled to be listed among this group and so many more incredible photographers here on 500px. Thank you guys!
Awesome Account
Tim Wallace  almost 2 years ago
Thanks very much guys for this it was a great surprise to see my name at the top of this list.
Some great photographers on here and lots more very worthy skilled photographers mentioned in comments below.
Jenn Alessa  almost 2 years ago
Perfect recommendations! ♥_♥
Ivan Barinov  almost 2 years ago
Roman Lavrov and Sergey Krestov from Russia
Ivan Barinov  almost 2 years ago
hi, thx. My favorite: Dejan Sokolovski, Frederic Schlosser, Ciprian Mihai Photography, Orlando Echeverria, Damian Hock, Easton Chang, Richard Thompson, NotBland, Oskar Bakke, Seagram Pearce, Chris Benny, GFWilliams
Damian Hock  almost 2 years ago
Thanks for the mention, what a list to be a part of!
Dale Martin  almost 2 years ago
Nice work to the guys that got chosen! Hope to see more of this in the weeks to come!!
Betweenthewhitelines Szczupak  almost 2 years ago
There is some amazing talent out there, one of my favorites is
Great sense of motion and detail.
Seagram Pearce  almost 2 years ago
Dig a little deeper next time. This blog is missing a boat load of automotive talent.
Betweenthewhitelines Szczupak  almost 2 years ago
Agreed! Awesome seeing Jeff make the list.
Nue Vue  almost 2 years ago
what Seagram said^^
happy to see my bud Jeff on there though :)
Markus Gubitz  almost 2 years ago
Unbelievable you missed :O
Viacheslav Krylov  almost 2 years ago
Jenn Alessa  almost 2 years ago
Akhil Joy  almost 2 years ago
René Kersten  almost 2 years ago
so true!
E. Araiza  almost 2 years ago
Extraordinary work of all this photographers, looking forward to one day be one at top like this guys... congrats!
Plus Account
DEREK HEISLER  almost 2 years ago
Great choices. Always have had a love for automotive photography. It's sad that it's a dying breed due to renders.

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