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Discover Phone Photography

Published by Diana Tula · June 19th 2013

Now everyone has a camera in their pocket — their phone. In good hands and with a bit of practice your phone camera can take incredible photos. Just stick to the never changing recipe for good photography: careful composing, good light, balanced post processing, interesting subject matter and let lucky accidents happen. That sudden sun flare, water drop or bad weather could change your photo for better or worse.

Phone photography is not without its limitations, especially when it comes to printing. But, you don’t need to miss an opportunity of a great shot either. Just take out your phone, adjust composition and click. Who knows, maybe the same image will inspire you later or secure your next job through Instagram or Twitter. Kevin Russ is a testament to a phone photography success story, you can read about it here.


We asked our 500px community on social pages if they take photos with their phones? The majority said yes and sent over a great number or beautiful photos. We’d like to share our favourite images with you. We hope these photos will inspire you to try out phone photography and experiment a little. Enjoy!

Have you been thinking of trying out phone photography? Here are some great apps that can help you out with enhancing your images: VSCO Cam, Pix, Snapseed, Fhotoroom and Pixlr Express. Let us know which app is your favourite in the comments below & share your phone photos with us.

Thanks for reading!


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andy 126 (inactive)  about 1 year ago
Some great photographs. Congratulations all round!
Ibnu Ismail  about 1 year ago
this is my collection from my phone:
Malik Azeem (inactive)  over 1 year ago
All the photos are the very nice . Good phones are always make good photos.
Любовь Крымова  over 1 year ago
500px-мое любимое приложение,хочется чтобы можно было отправлять фото сразу с телефона.Сейчас у меня LG-P765 с нетерпением жду когда появится в продаже Samsung Galaksi zoom
Kirsten Alana  over 1 year ago
With the release of the new VSCO Cam, I'm a fan again. I'd lost interest but I love it and am even using their GRID: Though Snapseed, Filterstorm, ProCamera and EyeEm also get a nod from me.
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Cindy Patrick  over 1 year ago
Wonderful work! Thanks so much for including one of my images in this feature! It's quite an honor!
Boon Peng Yee  over 1 year ago
Robinson Olivar, Jr.  over 1 year ago
Congrats to the featured member. I myself always shoot with my mobile phone. Apps used but not limited to: Snapseed, AfterFocus Pro, Pixlr-o-matic, Vignette, PS Touch, Camera FV-5 Pro. Check my page.
Christopher Lamb  over 1 year ago
Some great photographs. Congratulations all round!
Cacio Jose Peixoto Tavares  over 1 year ago
muito bom
vintiphone (Erik Pettersson)  over 1 year ago
Vint B&W MII (but I'm the author) or for some selected photos.

Matthew Everett  over 1 year ago
I'm still working on getting all my stuff in order and actually doing something with it. For now, I have a couple of phone photos on here. My favorite of the two:

Technically they are iPod photos, which until recently, meant they were taken with a horrible quality camera. Now that I've actually got a decent smart phone (iPhone 4 32gb), the quality and content of the photos has improved. I still shoot a lot with bigger/less-limited cameras, but now I have a decent camera close at hand 100% of the time. As far as apps go, I used to really like Camera+, but like Robin Lundgren says below, it seems painfully slow these days. Now I find myself using ProCamera or 6x7. 6x7 is pretty basic, but I like that it will output high-res TIFFs. Occasionally I'll use VSCocam, but I'm not a regular user. I've heard good things about 645 PRO and I'm thinking about giving it a try. I use AutoStitch for pano shots.

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Dean Wall  over 1 year ago
This was with my Android phone

Prakhar Gupta  over 1 year ago
Here are few of my phone captures. Kindly have a look at my gallery if you have time.
Prakhar Gupta  over 1 year ago
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Sonal Khunt  over 1 year ago
Hello Guys,

I am also Cell Clicker and display many phone photos here

Hope you like some of them..

Cakap Niaga  over 1 year ago
Thinking of how to be creative.
Ruchika Sandolkar  over 1 year ago
Hey guys,
I am using Samsung ace and ol of my photos were l taken with this only. i had the thought of perfecting of my photography skill. now i am doing my photography class with my new canon EOS 600D. i will try my level best and now i am passionate about my work.

Guys if you have a time please check out my work.

Thank you

M Koleosho  over 1 year ago
All of my photos were taken with an Iphone. I wish I had known about this earlier, would have loved to submit them. I think Iphonegraphy/phoneography is here to stay. I have seen some incredible shots taken with mobile phones.

Here's one of my favorites:

Matt Brundage  over 1 year ago
I had the thought of perfecting my phone photography skills about a month ago. With the quality of the camera lens improving in phones, why not taking that professional shot. Yes, the lenses and basic programs lack and/or have limited ability, but with practice and a little effort I have seen other photographer friends take dynamic and captivating shots. I my self being a novice beginner see phone cameras as a nice little tool in the tool box.

One of my favorite phone shots

Thomas Radtke  over 1 year ago
Phone photography is worth a closer look. Definitely. I am using a htc sensation, desire or Nokia N8 and do some very basic retouching with PicSay, that's all. Examples on my profile are the "butterfly at the barn door", "Rhine high water", "Towards sun. Hurry!" , "April rain beauties" and several other pics on my profile. Feel free to check those pics. From my p.o.v., phone photography shall be taken for serious.
Thomas Radtke  over 1 year ago
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Nick Kerley  over 1 year ago
Here is my most recent iPhone shot and edit
My favourite apps for taking photos are ClearCam, Blux Pro, Bracket Mode and Pro HDR. My favourite editing apps are Snapseed, Gradgram, TangledFX and the great alternative to Snapseed - HandyPhoto
Gourav Srivastav  over 1 year ago
I use my Sony Xperia SOLA and Pixlr Express..
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Amber Laplante  over 1 year ago
I use a BlackBerry Torch and Photo Studio Editor for my phone photography. The image size is small, but it is still fun!
Graham Turner  over 1 year ago
A D  over 1 year ago
all stunning shots, well worth a view. Please also view:-

Mariya Glukhova  over 1 year ago
Thank you, amazing!
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Anne-Laure Amayon  over 1 year ago
My fav are (in order),,, and
Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman  over 1 year ago
My Fav are,

Teelip Lim  over 1 year ago
Love using Snapseed and Laminar!
Check out my iPhone pics, appreciate any comments!
achyuthan vatakketath ravi  over 1 year ago
all are with lens very timely opened and caught the figure trapped in the phone and closed quickly to post in this 500pixels.very nice and clearly shot one-all
Sebastián Chaves  over 1 year ago
Nice, if any body needs volunteer projets please visit:
Ryan Pyae  over 1 year ago
VSCOcam, Snapseed, Afterlight
Del Korey  over 1 year ago
Beautiful photo's and actually i love to take photo's with my phone i think it's challenge to me.

Check this out:

Manos Vouteris  over 1 year ago
Great phone gallery indeed ! Awesome Black and white pics.

I find Pixlr Express pretty cool mostly with its Leaking HD effects. I would reccomend Snapseed which is really good for quick editing as well.

Here is 2 of my instagram shots which happen to have the most views among my gallery on 500 px :)

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Mohammed AlDhafeeri  over 1 year ago
Hipstamatic all the way, and thanks for picking two of my photos :)
I'm honored by that.
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Mohammed AlDhafeeri  over 1 year ago
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Adrian Krueger  over 1 year ago
I haven't tried these apps yet, but I am definitely going to! I can't wait!

Here are two of my favorite iPhone shots that I took. to edit them, I actually just used Instagram filters. (:

mathias mattos  over 1 year ago
Román Emin  over 1 year ago
One of the best apps around is Pixlr Express. And for sharing your pictures the best app around is EyeEm, it doesn't restrict you to a square format, lot of filters and frames.
johanes siahaya  over 1 year ago
whoa... great great ..
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Chris Prakoso  over 1 year ago
Just one tip for all 'Pro' Photographers here who wants to try their hands on mobile photography but put off by Instagram, on iOS you should try the following apps to achieve near-DSLR control. These apps also output (much) higher quality than the normal iPhone camera.

1. 645 PRO Mk II
2. Pure
3. Pro Camera

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Alex Towbin  over 1 year ago
My two favorites:
Giuseppe Ridinò  over 1 year ago
AAAHHH!!! At first I thought the "crosswalk" was mine,... but I realized I have no Iphone... hehehehe
My crosswalk shot is very similar but with the horizon line PoV.
However really nice takes.
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Ken Shelton  over 1 year ago
Love using Snapseed, Filterstorm, Photo Wizard, and Blender
valentina dochina  over 1 year ago
I'm just starting, and I like a lot photos
Rolando Silva  over 1 year ago
Now if we could only upload photos from the 500px app for Android... (without having to resort to IFTTT or the likes!)
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Lisa Lettieri  over 1 year ago
Filterstorm is great!
KOS TAS  over 1 year ago
Cool phone's my contribution (iphone 4):

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