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Ann Keel

Published by Diana Tula · July 2nd 2013

Our blog is a place to celebrate 500px photographers. Today we’d like to introduce you to Ann Keel, French fine art photographer who marries graphic arts and serene self-portrait photographs. We have asked Ann a few questions to introduce you to the person behind a lens.

Please share with us your photographic journey.

I began to photograph in 2009, I didn’t have a DSLR camera at that time so I used my webcam. The first photo-manipulations I ever did were made with it. Then I bought a Canon 450D, which I sold a few months ago (I will be buying a brand new camera in few days. Can't wait!)

I started to photograph because I realized that I could use this media as a language, same way as I use painting or drawing. I already used those mediums, but I still had a lot to express. So much! What I especially liked about photography is the way I could express things quickly. Painting takes much more time, even sometimes I work on pictures as I work on canvas.

How did you decide to photograph self-portraits?

It was, and still is, a personal project. I used my face and body as tools. Nothing else. Maybe if I had the chance to meet an inspiring model, I would work with her/him then. At that time, I was alone and needed to express things right away — day after day. I didn't ask myself questions and did it like so. I expressed deep emotions ad complex things, it might be best that I have chosen myself to do so and not another. My photos are all about my life. There is no pretending and no selfishness at all. This is my story, a chapter at a time unveiled, and instead reading it in a book you can read it through my pictures.

I've learned that periods of darkness can overcome us at any time. But I also found that I'm able to endure. Overcome. And in the process growing stronger... smarter... better. All is well in my little corner of the world.

Your photos are infused with fine art oriented motif. Do you have a background in fine arts?

Yes, I graduated from an Art School in Paris as an interior designer. I do love 'trompe l'oeil' painting and did this kind of stuff for years. Then I started to express personal things through my own painting and drawing. Acrylic or oil on canvas will always be my favorite, I also like to draw on paper and other mediums. I think I find a wonderful language with art and I can tell much more things with it than I can ever do words.

Photography, is it your hobby or an occupation?

It's a hobby. I like to keep time to do some other things. I'm a jack-of-all-trades and life's too short to be 'jailed' in one label. Please enjoy my work...

Thanks for reading and thanks to Ann for sharing her beautiful work. If you’d like to add Ann to friends and follow future uploads visit her 500px page. There you can see the rest of Ann’s portfolio and get in touch, don’t be shy and say hello.

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JudyAnn Rector  over 1 year ago
Your work is fascinating and totally captivating. Thank you for sharing a bit of your deeply emotional and personal journey.
iD (inactive)  over 1 year ago
awesome, its inspiring me so much...thank you
Awesome Account
júlio appel  over 1 year ago
Wonderful interview and awesome work ! Congrats
Mehmet Ali Papuçcuoğlu  over 1 year ago
Good session and uncommen work.
mulyanto ys  over 1 year ago
WAW!!!! A M A Z I N G!!!!
Ed Mays  over 1 year ago
Creative and heart felt. thanks for sharing
Alex Hoo chee min  over 1 year ago
太美丽,beautiful art work. Your work is fantastic.
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Beatrice Oanes  over 1 year ago
Chère Ann, ton travail est magnifique, et puissant mais il touche quelque chose en moi qui me met mal à l'aise. Intéressant. Merci
Ruby Varghese  over 1 year ago
Beautiful and Amazing.
angie-marie Surrealia  over 1 year ago
Your work is fantastic
my compliments!!!!
PEDRO FERNANDEZ  over 1 year ago
Your work is absolutely awesome!
Barry Dudley  over 1 year ago
Ann, your work has caused me to feel some inspiration...thank you!
Asim Roy  over 1 year ago
nice work
Czapla Art  over 1 year ago
the most amazing and beautiful.... this is the best work I have seen in years ....great, great, great !!! conratulations!
Abhijit Joshi  over 1 year ago
Nuno Sacramento  over 1 year ago
Amazing self-portrait concept!!
Awesome Account
Karen Burns  over 1 year ago
Amazing artistry ~ stunning works
Jose Renato Silva  over 1 year ago
It's unfamiliar art...
vijesh vijayan  over 1 year ago
Lisa Kanemoto  over 1 year ago
the most amazing and beautiful work!!
Faruk Çepoğlu  over 1 year ago
all of them are perfect workings, conratulations...
Iban Gonzalez  over 1 year ago
Awesome!! The concept and the edition are outstanding!
Awesome Account
Andre Hilkens  over 1 year ago
This goes beyond photography by as far as your imagination can reach.
Excellent and thanks for sharing
Dean Bali  over 1 year ago
Gorgeous !!!
Robin Keus  over 1 year ago
Wow! Quite Original!. Keep up the good work!
Maria Esteves  over 1 year ago
Brillant images
Elhanan Simhayev  over 1 year ago
Incredible images
Benyamin Mostaqimi  over 1 year ago
thank you to share your story and your background behind your artworks.
best wishes
jaroslav shelepa  over 1 year ago
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Ekat Grigoryeva  over 1 year ago
Daniil Ososkov  over 1 year ago
Very interesting works. Like them.
Icha Siregar  over 1 year ago
great art
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Juan fernandez simil  over 1 year ago
fantastica serie
Silke Stephan  over 1 year ago
Beautiful images, very impressing, I like them very much.
Awesome Account
Stephen Wallace  over 1 year ago
Incredible images, this is the best work I have seen in years. What imagination!
Peter Kirsopp  over 1 year ago
out here in the real world?????.............
Anastasia Ri  over 1 year ago
Interesting bearing. Incredible,psychedelic and simultaneously beautiful!
На многих рисунках тело человека присутствует частично, а частично - уже распалось. Интересная психика автора отражается в произведениях.
Ivan B. Carmo  over 1 year ago
Outstanding work, State Of the Art Photography.
Awesome Account
Pat Kofahl  over 1 year ago
Great work, Ann. Thanks for sharing your work, and yourself.
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Ben Goossens  over 1 year ago
Superb creative work Ann...I love it:-)
Tejas Sodha  over 1 year ago
Please Tell Me Which Brush In Use This Picture............Very Nice Work I Am Very Impress In This Work..0.
Miguel Jette  over 1 year ago
Very interesting type of work. At first glance, I didn't really like the mix of the two mediums. But the more i looked at the images, the more i enjoyed them. Very, very interesting and powerful set of images. I especially liked the one with the black hat and the red skirt ("tutu"). Keep exploring!
Seiha Heng  over 1 year ago
Really an inspired personality. Happy to read this article and see your work.
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Zachary Voo  over 1 year ago
lovw your works
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
thank you Zach
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Marivick D  over 1 year ago
Magnificent and truly gorgeous work! Very talented artist!
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
thank you
sarah said  over 1 year ago
ce travail est MERVEILLEUX , surprenant misterieux, irrespirable!! ce qui fait de moi votre nouvelle super fan!
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
très touchée, merci beaucoup et heureuse de vous rencontrer. très joli 'partage' dans vos instants saisis... fan à mon tour donc!
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PC Koczera  over 1 year ago
Fabulous. Stunning. Breathtaking. Such Art
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
thank you so much! much appreciated words...
francesco sambo  over 1 year ago
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
grazie mille again n again mio amico Francesco! ')
Plus Account
luiz augusto abreu sodre  over 1 year ago
fantastic. great work
Ann Keel (inactive)  over 1 year ago
thank you!

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