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What's New from 500px HQ: Horizontal Theme and More Portfolio Settings, T-Shirts Are Here!

Published by Jen Tse · August 22nd 2011

We have a beautiful new theme called Horizontal ready for you all to try out. The name is quite self-explanatory, and it is available in both white and black. Check out an example on white or on black.

Now you can further customize your porfolio with new basic settings: you can choose to display or hide your location, area of specialization (based on the categories you've sorted your photos in), and profile photo. Awesome account users can now also customize portfolio metadata by adding a title, keywords, and a description to enhance search engine optimization and yield better results in searches.

And while we're on the topic of portfolios, we're inviting users to share theirs in the comments below. What have you shot and uploaded lately? Show us your very best!


The Owls Have Landed

Ladies and gentlemen, you asked, and our supplier has delivered. New limited edition 500px t-shirts are in, featuring our favourite animal and unofficial mascot. We gave away 50 shirts during Photo Hack Day this past weekend in NYC, and will be giving away 150 at Photoshop World in Las Vegas for everyone who signs up for an Awesome account.

That leaves us with around 250 shirts (in both men's and women's sizes) that will be for sale to 500px users. Again, this owl design is limited edition and won't be repeated, so be at the ready to grab yours in your size. We have yet to set up a web store or any formal method of distribution, but we will have more details about pricing, payment and shipping in the next week or so. Hoo, hoooo...

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Awesome Account
erick monroy photography  over 3 years ago
Re Horizontal: Best design sofar aesthetically speaking, however, there are some very important issues that need to be urgently attended:
- The only way for horizontal to be usable as is, is by keeping collections really short, otherwise page loads go on forever.
- For some reason, landscape formats beyond 2:3 ratio (say 9:16) lose sharpness. I´ve had to go around it by cropping wide formats to get at a max ratio of 2:3.
- Even more concerning to me is the fact that very often pages load an incomplete number of slides, sometimes leaving the last 40% of the collection out of the strip. When, as in my case, you´re showing a very concise sample of your work (around 10 images per collection) to potential clients, and almost half of a collection fails to load, it becomes really worrysome, especially since there is no way for the viewer to know there are images missing and the page needs to be reloaded. Worse, sometimes the problem persists after many reloads and you need the abandon the site altogether and try again. Thanks in advance for looking into this issues promptly.

My portfolio:

Awesome Account
Andreas Koeberl  over 3 years ago
The new themes look fantastic, but I cannot use my banner with it!
I'm uploading a PNG banner, to have a transparent background and your theme makes the banner so big, that it's unusable.
Any suggestions how to change that?

Oh, and PLEASE, PLEASE, finally add a link from my profile to my 500px account (or where ever I want to link at). I want people not only to see my pictures, but also be able to click on them to get more infos (and maybe even buy them ......)

Malcolm & Elisabeth Weir  over 3 years ago
Please do let us know how to get one of those cute shirts -- I really want one!
Artak ·  over 3 years ago
Nice work guys! Just got myself an Awesome membership to show off some of my 35mm work, here's what I have so far: (or

what you think?

Steve Wright Jr.  over 3 years ago
i want one
Awesome Account
kacy jahanbini  over 3 years ago
here's an example... i know this is flash, and i don't expect (or want flash), but i would looooove the 500px horizontal theme to incorporate the way this site has the scaling based on browser size, and have the selected image in the center with the non-selected dimmed... pretty please :)

Paul Garrett  over 3 years ago
cool design on the t-shirts... I wouldn't mind getting one : )
Plus Account
Marcel Macinga  over 3 years ago
Update - I LOVE the horizontal theme the way it is - simple and clean, no effects nothing - AWESOME!!!!
Awesome Account
Sinister Brain  over 3 years ago
Loving the new horizontal theme!
Awesome Account
Jørn Veberg  over 3 years ago
This is my latest upload:
Awesome Account
Jeffrey S. Rease  over 3 years ago
I like the horizontal theme a lot!

My latest lovely model:

Brian Shaw  over 3 years ago
I like the theme! VERY AWESOME, saw it through a friends account but alas i do not have an awesome acc (yet). pretty new here in 500px and lovin' it
heres my new gallery! hope you guys can drop by and check it out!

cheers! from the other side of the world!


Plus Account
Marcel Macinga  over 3 years ago
Love the new Theme! + the t-shirt is also great! (hope to get one).
Reg the theme: 100% agree with auto scaling and auto-center focusing with dimming the non-selected photos.
Definitely LOVE the clean layout (no scroll bars - maybe optional feature). Keep it UP!
Awesome Account
Petter Amundsen  over 3 years ago
I definitely want one...
Reserve one in L please:-)


Rich Carstensen  over 3 years ago
I'm still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to sell from my portfolio! Oh.. the new theme rocks!

Here's my latest:

Awesome Account
Scott Snider  over 3 years ago
Awesome shirts; I definitely want one!
Awesome Account
kacy jahanbini  over 3 years ago
love the new theme, it's my current chose! i dig using the keyboards arrow keys to navigate, but as mentioned, it might be nice to also have a bar that would allow for horizontal scrolling too - i just realized i could drag :) i also second the auto scale based on window size. and perhaps dim the non-selected photos on either side to help focus on one image at a time?

Glenn Fritzsche  over 3 years ago
Id love to have a T-Shirt if available, they look pretty awesome, as far as size...well, if they run big Ill take a large and if they run small Id fit into a XL just fine. Look forward to hearing from you. Love the site.
Jasper resari  over 3 years ago
great shirt! reserve one for me!
Chris Hall  over 3 years ago
Love the new theme guys - this is exactly what i've been waiting for. Love me some horizontal action!
Raúl Pérez  over 3 years ago
Lovely, I was missing an horizontal theme for the portfolio and here it goes. The navigation through the photos in my opinion is a bit award, but anyway I love it :D.

I didn't make any photos recently

Jeremy Jeziorski  over 3 years ago
I like the theme... If it could automatically scale to screen height, rather than a scroll down... It would be fantastic.
Awesome Account
Daniela Duncan  over 3 years ago
Awesome! :) The new portfolio theme is fantastic and I LOVED the owl T-shirt - will order mine as soon as it's available :) Cool pictures of you, Jen Tse!
Melvin Tucker (inactive)  over 3 years ago
Great, the shirts (and the new theme) look awesome!
Jen Tse  over 3 years ago
Yuriy — it's very new and definitely still a work in progress. But please leave us any feedback you have, we always appreciate it!
Awesome Account
Yuriy Tango  over 3 years ago
Re Horizontal: is it still work in progress or pretty much finished piece? I have tons of feedback.
Phei  over 3 years ago
I recently shot my first roll of film and took a picture of my grandma. She looked quite abstractedly and didn't even notice me.

Ryan Derish  over 3 years ago
Sweet, but we need more basic themes, for the ones who haven't upgraded to Awesome yet (ie. me)
Jason Cook  over 3 years ago
Wow, the shirts (and the new theme) look awesome!

I took a couple of snaps at the Evergreen Brick Works this past weekend. I highly recommend that space for shutterbugs - it's really cool!

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