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Photo Hack Day Results + Photoshop World Ticket Winners

Published by Jen Tse ยท September 2nd 2011

Photo Hack Day on Aug. 20-21 in New York City saw a roomful of talented hackers compete to make great applications using APIs from 500px and many other companies. The results have been announced, with the two top competitors using the 500px API each taking home a shiny new iPad 2.

Winner Jesse Chan-Norris created a fun app called FlickHundred (pictured above), which pitches Flickr and 500px photos from similar categories against each other. Users can click "POW!" to vote for the photo they think is better, with cumulative score totals for both Flickr and 500px appearing after each vote.

Winners Ben Moss and Samantha John developed Crowdframe, which allows users in a group setting to text in keywords to display photos from 500px.

Congratulations guys!


Finally, more congratulations are in order for Jens Berlin and Lisa Ophoven, the winners of our contest to receive passes to Photoshop World. See you both in Vegas!

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