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Five Million Visits, Upload and Comment Settings, Welcome to Three New Staff

Published by Jen Tse ยท September 2nd 2011

We've reached a new milestone with 5,000,000 visits in a month! Thanks to our dedicated community for making each day, week, and month an exciting step forward for 500px. We can't wait to hit the next million.

When uploading photos, you can now choose whether to upload to your 500px profile or to your portfolio. This is especially helpful if you would like to keep your portfolio and account photos separate.

By default, users will not receive comments from other photos they've commented on. This option can be changed by checking the last box under Settings > Notifications.

Finally, it's time to welcome three new members to our team:

I don't think Tye Shavik, our new Developer, even noticed me taking his picture. His eyes never left the screen. That's how it's done, Tye!

Our new Designer, Tom Creighton, smiles as he works. We like people like that.

Ash Furrow is our new iOS Developer. For Ash, four screens is almost enough screens.

The 500px team has increased fivefold since February, when we had just two people working behind the site. Now, we are still just a team of 11 hardworking people sharing six desks and four beanbags. Good things come in small packages...and hey, these beanbags have great lumbar support.

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Konstantin Krupovich  over 3 years ago
what i've notced - you all are Apple people, guys :) If there will be any iOS development activity - you can count on me too.
Tuscany Villas  over 3 years ago
I'm like the features.
Kelly Jones  over 3 years ago
Just joined today! After being a long standing member of another pod site I must admit I like what I see so far. And am promoting on my fb page eith my network feom the other site. Many of which have joined before me. I was wondering if there isna way rinsed a feed of people commenting? I am still trying to navigate my way around. :) or a way of messaging members? I may be missing it somewhere lol. So far so good. And some amazing images!!! Top class. :)
Nox Dineen  over 3 years ago
iOS developer... I'm liking the implications of that!

You guys should add some Frederik desks from Ikea. Those standing desks are sloooooowly taking over the FreshBooks office down the road from you.

Adrian Bautista  over 3 years ago
hi i wish you could let us change our active email or is it up already?cant seem to find a way to change my email

btw congratulations your website rocks!

Mike Smid  over 3 years ago
I read something about IOS developer.. does this mean there is a app coming ? I hope so!
Bob Brandoff  over 3 years ago
Looking forward to the "Ban User" from leaving "Dislikes" and posting on Wall.
miakisz  over 3 years ago
thanks for sharing!
i love to see "behind the scene shots" of the people behind projects.
Michael Friedman  over 3 years ago
Congratulations! You have created a wonderful online community and I, for one, am truly grateful!
Dima Barsky  over 3 years ago
Great feature to disable a notification when somebody comments after my comment!!! Thank you!
Gyorgy Szimuly  over 3 years ago
I am glad that we have affected this incredible number of visits. :) I am promoting 500px like hell within my network and had many registered users due to this. :))
Keep up the great work and awesome customer care.

Best, Szimi

Plus Account
chris pilon  over 3 years ago
This is great...Tye is dialed in baby!!!
Sherwin Techico  over 3 years ago
Awesome additional features. Keep up the great work. Hope you guys can implement Fotomoto on the Portfolio one day ^^


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