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Photo Party at the Ex Contest Details

Published by Jen Tse ยท September 9th 2011

Despite the chaos and confusion that ensued at our Photo Party at the CNE, hopefully everyone had a great time. The above photo was taken early in the day before many others were able to find the group, but it is all I have to share. Big thanks go to Paul Henman and Toronto Photo Walks members for joining forces with 500px and keeping things organized through the endless crowds, noise, and inclement weather.

For those who participated in the walk and still don't know about the contest to win a Manfrotto 190XB tripod with 496RC2 head (retail value $229.99) from Henry's, it's easy to enter and it's not too late! Just upload your best shots from the day and write about your experience on your personal 500px blog ( USERNAME/blog). Then, send the link to your blog post to, and we will select one lucky winner at random.

We haven't yet received many submissions, so this is your best chance to win a really great prize. We will continue to accept entries until next Friday, Sept. 16. at 11:59 p.m. EST.

It was great to meet most of you, and I'm looking forward to seeing your entries! Leave a comment below so that others from the walk can find your profile on 500px.

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Awesome Account
Dave Kai-Piper  over 3 years ago
I wish I was there tooo !!
Awesome Account
Jonathan Eger  over 3 years ago
I was there on the last day, but did not take any photos. It was a mad house! I do have a photo in my portfolio from a previous year however.
Awesome Account
James Ngo  over 3 years ago
Wish I was at the event! I could use a tripod.

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