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Meet Efim Shevchenko

Published by Diana Tula · October 1st 2013

Our blog is a place to promote 500px photographers while introducing you to the new and upcoming talents. Today we’d like for you to meet Efim Shevchenko.

Efim is a freelance photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia. His not-your-cookie-cutter portraits have captured our attention with emotive diversity. Reminiscent of old movie lighting techniques and desaturated film like processing, the feeling of nostalgia creeps up while browsing these photos. Please enjoy our selection of Efim’s portraits and share your impressions in the comments below.

Efim Shevchenko mostly photographs with a Canon 5D Mark 2 and a 50mm lens. Want to find out more about Efim and his work? Visit his 500px page for full portfolio and detailed EXIF data. And if you are ever in St. Petersburg get in touch with Efim, just to meetup or book a photo lesson (group or 1-on-1).

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Hatem Kotb  over 1 year ago
Agree with Sewsen, there's not even a neutral face :D
Gerhard Michael  over 1 year ago
Yes. Absolutely outstanding!
Angie Photography  over 1 year ago
LOVE his work. Very inspirational. The manipulation of the light is directs your eye to details. Great work.
Tais Kulish  over 1 year ago
Love this! So many people prefer the "perfect cookie cutter" portraits, its good to see something so sincere!
Nad FIRME  over 1 year ago
C'est tendance aujourd'hui, on fait la gu.... sur les photos, sourire en option et encore, plutôt esquisse d'un sourire....
Bref, je n'aime pas. La dernière est incontestablement la meilleure (avis personnel)...
Duke Miller  over 1 year ago
I agree with Mr. Swenson above. Eliminate the first and last, and the remaining could be used in ads for anti-depressants. Maybe none look happy because they aren't?
Duke Miller  over 1 year ago
Correction: I agree with Mr. Swenson's remarks below.
Awesome Account
Roman Potapov  over 1 year ago
хорошо, даже очень. персонажи прекрасные.. меня даже что-то пугает)
Shane Stevens  over 1 year ago
Incredible portraits, the best I think I've ever seen.
Boris Milan  over 1 year ago
Love the light, very nice control of DOF, color and very different and unique style of portrait in evidencing a state of mind or feelings. I like mostly the last shot. The rendition of conflicted feelings from the models is great and obviously there to move the viewer, not my cup of tea I have to admit, but excellent work
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Graham Hawcroft  over 1 year ago
I like the economy with equipment and have to agree all you need is a classic 50mm prime lens, especially for portraits. Lovely controlled use of DOF.
Tim Swensen  over 1 year ago
There is obvious skill and talent on display, a certain aesthetic unity in the processing.
I just wish there was more diversity in the facial expressions. No one looks happy. The last image is the best, in my opinion.
kombizz kashani  over 1 year ago
good shots
I liked the last image only!
Indra Wardana (inactive)  over 1 year ago
like it
Alen Pasalic  over 1 year ago
So much of that photography "rule", not to put your subject in the center of the frame.
If there is emotion in the shot you can put your subject wherever you want.

Awesome photography.

Ahmed S. Messaoudi  over 1 year ago
I agree and disagree with you Alen! Photography "Rules" are just guides, you can break them whenever you want! But here the subject is the face (eyes, mouth... you name it) and they are everywhere here off center! Your focus was always on the face while you're seeing the photos! And it was not the dead center!
and yeah before I forget, great photography :)

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