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Friday Love!

Published by Katia Trudeau ยท February 26th 2010

Here at our humble 500px office we love nothing better than a Friday! Actually, we like other days of the week as well, but Fridays feel somewhat special, and no, not because we don't work weekends because we do! Oh, the 'slave' labour! Who doesn't love a Friday? To make this already awesome day of the week even better, we're making it a social day! We love to spend time with good friends over good food, and even better coffee. We also like playing trivia games, have scavenger hunts, and running around town taking photos! We think that you might enjoy that too! So join us every Friday over Twitter, Facebook, or Blog and we'll play together. How else will you kill time at the office? Just don't tell your boss, cause he might want to join in too! Fun starts next week!

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