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New 500px iPhone app by Pulpfingers

Published by Jen Tse · October 11th 2011

As we near the release of the official 500px iPad app, here's a nice little third-party surprise to tide you over. The Pulpfingers team released an app today based on the 500px API called ISO 500.

We're thrilled by its slick design and functionality and we encourage you to give it a whirl on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It's available on the App Store now and best of all, it's free!

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José Antonio Caso Jacobs  about 3 years ago
It works great, except when you want to see commente. Then it crashes completely! :-(
Awesome Account
Mim Eisenberg  over 3 years ago
It's working fine on my iPhone, plus they have very good tech support.
echard wheeler  over 3 years ago
a little love for us Droid Peeps?!
Marc Langenberg  over 3 years ago
i can't login via facebook :(
Carlos Cass  over 3 years ago
Instalado en mi Iphone y funcionando, muchas gracias...
Rob Kelley  over 3 years ago
Tried the ISO 500 app in my iPad 2, first it is a iPhone app and not desgined for the iPad and it hardly works, it loads then when I tap on the star button at the bottom on the screen it crashes and quits.

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