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Undeniable Proof Of Animals Just Being Bros

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 20th 2014

Wipe that frown off your face. Today is UN's International Day of Happiness! And what better way to make you smile than these 30 photos of odd animal friendships? Inspired by the popular blog, Animals Being Bros, we rounded up our own adorable images of acts of kindness between the species. If these unlikely couples can manage to co-exist with one another and form bonds, so can human beings! Ready for some cute overload?

1. "A lot of tension in your gluteus maximus, bro."

2. "Clean up your act, bro."

3. Brother from another mother.

4. "Started from the bottom. Now we're here."

5. Much bromance. Very friendship. So amaze. Wow. So doge.

6. "Stick with me, chick."

7. Just being bros...spooning.

8. "Go home, bro, you are drunk."

9. "Do the harlem shake!"

10. "Thanks for the lift, bro."

11. "LEG-olas, what do your elf eyes see?"

12. "Sharing is caring, bro."

13. Don't interrupt this serious cuddling session!

14. Totally M.F.E.O.

15. "Ruh-roh."

16. "Om nom nom nom."

17. "That was such a hoot, bro."

18. "Just let me love you!"

19. "They see me rollin', they hatin'..."

20. "A hobbit lay here. And then another..."

21. "Under the sea, darlin' it's better, down where it's wetter..."

22. "Selfie!"

23. "Let's just hug it out, bro."

24. Ridin' dirty

25. Bromancin' in the streets

26. Happy hour at the local watering hole

27. "What's wrong? Talk to me, bro."

28. "Don't worry! I got this, bro."

29. Best seat in the house.

We hope these photos made you smile and laugh today, as well as inspired you to go out and make new friends!
See more adorable alliances here.

Dive Into An Underwater Photographer's Favorite Gear And Deep Sea Adventures

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 19th 2014

Photographs like this make us long for awesome adventures under the sea. The guy behind this photo is Thomas Conrad, who hails from Bavaria. He is living the dream—plunging into oceans and caves, capturing every shot from wide angle to macro. When we caught up with Thomas to chat, he was prepping for a trip to the Galapagos. Read on, and dive into his experiences with sharks and other creatures of the deep!


1. Main body: Canon EOS 550D
2. Housing: Sea & Sea RDX 550
3. Strobes: Sea & Sea YS 110 Alpha
4. Lens: Canon 8-15mm f/4
5. Lens: Canon EF 24 mm f/2.9

How did you get into underwater photography?

THOMAS CONRAD: I am an autodidact, so I learned all about photography on my own. The best start would be UW Photography. On one diving trip, I went with a buddy of mine who was taking some classes at UW Photography. When I saw the photos at the end of the week, it really got me, and I was addicted. That was seven years ago. I don’t know where UW Photography will take me. But at the moment, I am very happy showing my images to my friends and to the 500px community. I might sell some stuff in the future to raise money for the conservation of our oceans.

Do you have any advice for amateur photographers who want to venture underwater?

THOMAS: If you want to start with underwater photography, you should learn how to dive first, and learn all about behavior of the subjects you shoot. Your diving skills and knowledge about your subjects are the most important. You have to be an expert in buoyancy to position yourself at the right spot, without destroying any of the life down there. Most of the time, you take the shot free-floating. Since the water is dense, and there are a lot of particles in the water, you have to get really close with your subjects. This is the part I love most! When you get up close — about one to three feet away — you are interacting in some way.

Your shark photos have been making a splash in our community. In your photo sets, we noticed how passionate you are about sharks and shark conservation. Can you talk about that more with us?

THOMAS: Yes, I love the oceans and the sharks. When I saw my first shark underwater, I was very afraid. But when it swam up close, my fear changed into fascination. Most people are afraid of sharks, because they don’t know much about them. They believe what they see in movies like "Jaws", and what the media tells them. Even on the Discovery Channel or National Geography, you sometimes see sharks shown as some kind of monster. Yes, they are apex predators. But we are not part of their evolution, and therefore not on their menu. The five to seven people who get killed each year by sharks are real tragedies. But I don’t think the best answer is to kill 100 million sharks per year. Sharks are so important to the balance of the marine ecosystem. In the meantime, sharks are now endangered. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. And now for something more fun. If you could be any sea creature, what would you be?

THOMAS: I’d be a whale or a shark to get down into the deepest part of the sea, and explore the beauty no human has seen before. My second choice would be a sawfish. The saw fish is really helpful in saving buddy fish caught in fishing nets.

Explore more of Thomas' photos here. Or browse what's trending in our Underwater category!
Got any questions for Thomas, or any of your own ocean adventures to share with us? Comment below!

19 Curious Creatures That Just Might Be Your New Spirit Animal

Published by rylihennessey · March 19th 2014

Whether you're an elegant beast or a clumsy creature, everyone can pick out something in nature with a walk, a roar or a spirit just like theirs. You may think you already have your spirit animal pegged, but this collection of curious critters we found on 500px Prime just might win you over. Visit 500px Prime for more beautiful images of animals from around the world now available for license.

Photograph Oops~! by kimera jam on 500px

Photograph Tobi by Olga  Kryvoshei on 500px

Photograph Alone by Cherly Jong on 500px

Photograph Elephant Fun! by Gary Brookshaw on 500px

Photograph days of thunder ... by Mathias Ahrens on 500px

Photograph Untitled by Mats W. Nilsson on 500px

Photograph i can see you... by Mark Bridger on 500px

Photograph green by Sven Kluegl on 500px

Photograph Bath Time by Richard Bond on 500px

Photograph Family portait  by Vincent Xeridat on 500px

Photograph Don't wake me up ! by Christophe Pfeilstücker on 500px

Photograph Out of the dark by Ricardo  Alves on 500px

Photograph Hungry birds! by Carlo Murenu on 500px

Photograph A Lucky Lamb by Amine Fassi on 500px

Photograph Hi guys, look over here! by Fajar Andriyanto on 500px

Photograph My tongue! by Kaz Watanabe on 500px

Photograph Chameleon - 2 by Amine Fassi on 500px

Photograph Proud to be... by Manuela Kulpa on 500px

Photograph Spermophilus citellus by Ji?í Míchal on 500px


Cinemagraph Pro Giveaway Winners

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 18th 2014

With Cinemagraph Pro on the Mac App Store, you can easily transform your photographs into "living photos", and watch your work come to life. Thanks to Flixel, we held a Cinemagraph Pro giveaway last week—and we've received 896 entries on the site and our social media pages!

Congratulations to our lucky random draw winners:
1. Our #500pxflixel gallery winner: Avin Abraham
2. Our Facebook share winner: Kuntal Sarkar / Swapno Hin
3. Our Twitter retweet winner: Jeff Davis / @otso1
4. Our Google+ reshare winner: Lisa Spangenberger
Winners, we'll be in touch with you shortly with your free download code!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and passed the word around.
Cinemagraph Pro is now on sale for $15 (originally $200) for a limited time. Don't miss out on this great deal!

Weekly Monday Contest

Published by Klassy Goldberg · March 17th 2014

Want to be featured on our blog? Every week, we'll announce a theme, and you'll have until Sunday (March 23rd at 11 PM PST) to submit your photo as an entry. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can upload a brand new photo. Scroll down to see which photos from last week's theme—GREEN—made it to our winning gallery. And don't forget to check out our new theme for next week's contest below!

This Week's Gallery

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of this Emerald Isle holiday, we asked you to go Green last week—and we've received 1,863 photo entries. So who got lucky? Check out our 12 favorite shamrock-hued photos from all the contest entries. Click on each thumbnail to open a full-sized version. Cheers! (And save us a pint, please.)

Which of these gorgeous greens puts you in a festive mood? Let us know in the comments below!


1. Select a photo that fits this theme. Upload the image to your 500px profile, or pick an existing photo.
2. Add a tag "500pxabandonedspaces".
3. You're done! To track all entries, click here.

We're looking for interesting images of abandoned and empty places—from interior spaces to outdoor landscapes. The theme is totally open to your own interpretation, so get creative—start snapping and tagging now! Deadline is March 23rd at 11PM (PST).

To sweeten the pot, we will hold a random draw giveaway for all those who enter the challenge. You will have the chance to win a two-month Awesome membership! Our lucky draw winner of the week is Leif Londal.

Good luck, folks! We're excited to see your photos!


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