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Social Friday & Twitter Trivia

Published by Katia Trudeau · March 5th 2010

Today we kicked off our Social Friday with a Twitter trivia! Who doesn't like games that fit into 140 characters? We sure do! Here what we asked and what fun loving people had to say!

1. Q: What does 500px stand for ? A: A while back it was the only width of the photos that were accepted. We sure made some progress...

2. Q: Who's on the popular photo [Miss you]. A: A super easy answer - HAMSTER. It's adorable!

3. Q: Who's the photographer behind "My winter" photo in the main page? A: Natalia Kapinus, she goes by KLEO. Check out her amazing work

4. Q: Which city are we working from? A: That would be Toronto! It's nice and sunny here today, wish we were outside!

5. Q: Can you Unfavoure your Favourite photos? [That would be just mean, but still]. A: Yeap, you sure can! We recently implemented that feature.

Thanks to everyone for playing! It was fun! We shell do it again! Follow us on Twitter.

How is 500px different from Flickr?

Published by Alex Karasyov · March 4th 2010

Recently I have been asked this question a lot - How is 500px different from Flickr?

Let me quickly explain what Flickr is. It actually started as a community of gamers, and then evolved into photo sharing platform. Flickr is essentially a photo sharing site. Anyone can share their photos and stack them in large quantities on their Flickr account. While Flickr has been extremely successful in photo sharing, there is something essential that photographers need that Flickr never gave them.

500px has a very different story. It started out in 2004 as a little community of photographers. It has grown over the years and a need for more than online community has emerged. Today you can see that 500px has become a home for inspiring, admiring, and endorsing incredibly talented photographers. 500px has inspired many people (including myself). The sole purpose of this community is to promote great art and unite photographers in one place where they can share their work and grow artistically and professionally. This philosophy has turned 500px into a community that breathes with inspiration and beauty.

At 500px we want to enrich lives of photographers so that they can enrich lives of others. That is why we have given an amazing set of tools specifically designed for photographers to help them share their content with ease. We have tools for creating an outstanding portfolio, we have tools for photoblogging, photojournalism,(these tools are coming really soon!) and anything that photographers will ever need, we will give it to them. 500px has given what is truly important in any form of art and in our lives. 500px has given love.

Friday Love!

Published by Katia Trudeau · February 26th 2010

Here at our humble 500px office we love nothing better than a Friday! Actually, we like other days of the week as well, but Fridays feel somewhat special, and no, not because we don't work weekends because we do! Oh, the 'slave' labour! Who doesn't love a Friday? To make this already awesome day of the week even better, we're making it a social day! We love to spend time with good friends over good food, and even better coffee. We also like playing trivia games, have scavenger hunts, and running around town taking photos! We think that you might enjoy that too! So join us every Friday over Twitter, Facebook, or Blog and we'll play together. How else will you kill time at the office? Just don't tell your boss, cause he might want to join in too! Fun starts next week!

Gone digital

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · February 24th 2010

It's been a while since we last have printed a real document. Our work is all digital. Even more, it's not digital per se, it's gone online, and I think we are not turning back.

Think about it: thousands of corporations and small businesses still work with real documents, they type, print, revise, print again, send the papers, and write the reports (and, rest assured, print them too). All for just one reason: keep the work going.

What we have done, happened by chance — we've gone online, instead of typing-printing-sharing process.

Of course, thousands of people use BaseCamp, and SVN/GIT — we use Redmine. But to serve our purposes, we share and type documents in Google Docs, or talk via Google Wave (it works pretty well when you want to expand a conversation to more parties). We even order our pizza online at Pizza Pizza and keep our favorite recipes on file!

The outcome is that we don't even use electronic documents on our computers — it's all online. Of course, such scope maybe quite frightening to some, but for our small group it serves its purpose — we eliminate the clutter and try to focus on getting things done. We are constantly looking for new ways to effectively manage information — so whatever it might be, new Facebook or Google Buzz, we'll be the first to try it — you never know where the latest push towards greater productivity will come from.

Six years ago...

Published by Evgeny Tchebotarev · February 18th 2010

Six years ago on this day we started 500px. At first, it was a community in Livejournal, where selected authors were allowed to post their photographs. This day, when the community — and name — "500px" was registered there were simply zero people. No one knew what it was or where will it take us. Now, six years later, we still unsure where we will be in the next six years. What we do know, is that hard work and devoted community of supporters can get you further than you may even think of. We will continue working on making 500px a better place for photographers, viewers and for our devoted community — those people are the core of our successes and they help us by guiding our vision to a better future. This year, however, will be more special than others — we are prepared to launch many new features on the site, offer photographers professional photo portfolios that can be managed without hassle, and help photographers excel by promoting and helping them sell their works and talents worldwide. It will be a breakthrough year, so bear with us, it's gonna be an awesome trip. PS: Thanks to everyone who was with us in the beginning and who joined us later on. We appreciate every single one of you and extending our thanks to you and your patience. Thank you.

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