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Weekly Monday Contest

Published by Alex Flint · June 24th 2013

Want to get featured on our blog? Every Monday a theme is announced and you have until Sunday to submit your entry. You may already have a photo that suits or you can see it as a weekly photo challenge. For announced theme, deadline and how to enter continue reading.


Last week we announced “Panorama” theme and received many creative images. We’ve chosen twelve from all the contestants to share with you today. These are gallery thumbnails, so make sure to click on each for a full size photo. Take a look at all entries & let us know which one is your favourite.

New theme: Watercolours

1. Select photo that fits this theme. Upload image to your 500px profile or pick an existing photo.
2. Add a tag "colours500px".
3. You are done. To track all entries click here.

Theme is open to your interpretation and creativity, so get snapping and tagging. Deadline is June 30th at 12pm (EST). To make your efforts worthwhile there’s a random draw giveaway for all who enter for a chance to win 2 months of Awesome membership. Lucky draw winner is Omida Jafarnezhad.

Good luck this week!


Meet the Team: Evgeny

Published by Diana Tula · June 21st 2013

Hi! For you to find out who are the folks behind 500px and what it is that we actually do, we started a new ongoing feature on this blog titled “Meet the team”. Last time we introduced you to Diana and Alex. Today, we’d like you to meet 500px co-founder and COO Evgeny Tchebotarev.

What’s your 500px story?

My story of 500px goes back to 2004. I started getting into photography around 2002 and was looking for a place online where I can share my photos and see other influential photos, that would inspire me to get better at photography. In 2003 I started an online community where everyone could share their photos without limitations.

Community rapidly grew, so I started thinking of an exclusive space with specific rules and guidelines, and so 500px was born in early 2004. As the name implies, all photos had to be 500px wide, which was a good size at the time. That limitation created visual order and uniformity when viewing photos at a 'timeline'. 500px got its life a few months before Flickr went live, and before Facebook was a thing.

Up until early 2009 I considered 500px my hobby and, while working about 3-4 hours a day to keep up with the community, I was involved in other things. In 2009 Oleg and myself started working on 500px full-time, redesigning it from scratch, but keeping the original idea of having the best photographs on the planet (and beyond).

What do you do at 500px?

I'm a COO, which stands for Chief Operating Officer. But three-letter-acronym doesn't fully describe life at a startup. Basically, I do everything — I design, write, coordinate teams, manage taxes, accountants and lawyers, and generally there to support my team. When we started, I coded the front-end of the first version of the site, and try to keep my skills up to date with SASS, LESS, HTML, jQuery and such.

Do you photograph?

I do. I started getting really involved in photography in 2002, when my parents gave me the gift — Canon EOS Elan 7, a film slr camera. I got extremely lucky with my first roll of film. The 3 photos from it have appeared in different magazines, and it got me involved in architecture and design publications. I worked as a photographer, mostly architecture and fashion, and travelled the world doing that (though it didn't pay well).

Recently I switched from being a 'professional photographer' (one making money with this craft) to a hobbyist photographer. I enjoy traveling to remote locations, capturing landscapes and getting myself involved in fashion & portrait photo shoots. In early July I will fly to Alaska to photograph the amazing landscapes and local wildlife.

Tell us 5 random things about you.

  1. I started kitesurfing because of Richard Branson.
  2. I travelled to Tibet and in 3 weeks haven't met any Europeans or Americans — it's still a very remote place.
  3. I have slept on the streets of Venice, London (UK), St. Johns (Newfoundland), and Moscow (Russia).
  4. I travelled to remote places of Kamchatka and tasted the most delicious food in my life. It was condensed milk mixed with crushed snow from the surface of a volcano.
  5. I quit my job once because I was offered a trip on a yacht. It was worth it.

Fun Fact

I have visited more than 30 countries, and I plan to visit all the counties before I'm 40 (so, I have 12 years left).

Thanks for reading :) If you'd like to add Evgeny to friends visit his 500px page, to follow Evgeny on social pages search for his handle @tchebotarev. Evgeny also curates our Instagram page, take a peek @500px.

If there is a question you'd like to ask our team or an idea for "Meet the team" feature please leave a comment. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer your questions.


Transformers in Chicago

Published by Diana Tula · June 20th 2013

For most of summer 2010, Transformers 3 took over sections of downtown Chicago. Closing streets, setting off explosions and having fake gun battles with semi-automatic weapons. If you have never been to a movie set before, here is your chance, follow Chris Pritchard as he takes you behind the scenes.

We think that photographers make great videographers and so we love sharing videos by 500px members with you. Last time we featured BTS of a fashion shoot with Giuseppe Circhetta, take a look. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured, email or leave a comment below.


Announcing Pulse 2.0

Published by Alex Flint · June 19th 2013

Pulse is part of what makes 500px so magical. We built the Pulse algorithm nearly 3 years ago as one of the core features of 500px. It’s designed to help determine which photos are the most popular and the fastest upcoming and it has helped us build the world’s greatest photography community.

Pulse Photo

When Pulse was created, 500px was a relatively small community of photographers. In the past few years we've been lucky to experience huge growth in our community and in the number of photos being shared. This rapid growth has led to us outgrowing the capabilities of our current Pulse algorithm. Today we're excited to announce Pulse 2.0.

Our mission at 500px has always been to put photos first. Pulse 2.0 is better than ever at discovering the greatest new photos and sharing them with the community. It’s so advanced, responsive and intelligent that we’ve removed the ‘I don’t like this photo’ button while still ensuring the best photos of the day rise to Upcoming and Popular.

We at 500px are all really excited about this. Pulse 2.0 is going to bring incredible photography to the public eye that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Our developers have been working for months to design and implement Pulse 2.0, so on behalf of the entire team and community, I would like to thank them for their hard work.

Update: We enabled Pulse 2.0 on July 3rd. It is now fully enabled and working its magic! If you have any questions, please contact us at


Discover Phone Photography

Published by Diana Tula · June 19th 2013

Now everyone has a camera in their pocket — their phone. In good hands and with a bit of practice your phone camera can take incredible photos. Just stick to the never changing recipe for good photography: careful composing, good light, balanced post processing, interesting subject matter and let lucky accidents happen. That sudden sun flare, water drop or bad weather could change your photo for better or worse.

Phone photography is not without its limitations, especially when it comes to printing. But, you don’t need to miss an opportunity of a great shot either. Just take out your phone, adjust composition and click. Who knows, maybe the same image will inspire you later or secure your next job through Instagram or Twitter. Kevin Russ is a testament to a phone photography success story, you can read about it here.


We asked our 500px community on social pages if they take photos with their phones? The majority said yes and sent over a great number or beautiful photos. We’d like to share our favourite images with you. We hope these photos will inspire you to try out phone photography and experiment a little. Enjoy!

Have you been thinking of trying out phone photography? Here are some great apps that can help you out with enhancing your images: VSCO Cam, Pix, Snapseed, Fhotoroom and Pixlr Express. Let us know which app is your favourite in the comments below & share your phone photos with us.

Thanks for reading!


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