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Follow Friday: Urban Exploration Photographers

Published by Diana Tula · February 15th 2013

Hi everyone! Inspired by the Follow Friday hashtag movement on twitter we are starting a new weekly feature on our blog. With Follow Friday posts you can discover new, popular and up-and-coming photographers from 500px to follow and add to friends.

Ronny Janss

Enjoy clean and elegant photos of abandoned interior design masterfully captured by Ronny Janss. If there ever were Urban Exploration photos that could be called high art this is it.

Jose Vazquez

Though Jose describes his work as "hodgepodge of whatever inspires me", we would add that majority of what inspires him is urban exploration photography. His portfolio consisting of 50/50 colour and black&white photos of lost places.

Daniel Schmitt

Travel to abandoned lavish hotels of Austria and France with Daniel Schmitt's photographs. Luxury lives on even when lost and forgotten.

Ronny Hanisch

Looking for more urbanex photos? Look no further, indulge in artful urban exploration and architecture photography by Ronny Hanisch.

Frank Grace

HDR lovers rejoice! Frank Grace got lots of HDR for you and photos of some great places such as Mark Twain's house, steam-punk inspired imagery and R2-D2.

David Pinzer

Do you want beautiful models and urban exploration? David Pinzer has got it all. Enjoy his work and be on a lookout for photos of ghosts.

Lindsay Blair Brown

Lindsay's portfolio is a mix of street photography and urban exploration. What we love and enjoy most about her urban exploration photos is that even though the subject is abandoned places she somehow manages to bring cheer to such photos with her touch.

*autumncontrol #

Autumn Control's photos appear to be straight from the camera and unprocessed, which is uncommon in the current world of digital photography and brings a breath of fresh air to the urban exploration genre.

Andrea Schuh

Andrea Schuh constructs a black and white reality, which makes you wonder if these photos are depictions of the last days or are a representation of the post-apocalypse.


Explore the world of urban exploration with ChristianRichter's photography as he surprises you with unusual angles and beautiful framing.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup! This is the first Follow Friday post in this genre of photography and we can’t wait to share more features with you. Come back next Friday for incredible photographers to follow and get inspired by. For now you can visit our last Follow Friday post highlighting photographers in City & Architecture category. Thanks for reading :)

Who is your favourite Urban Exploration photographer at 500px? Let us know in the comments below.


Seeing Hearts

Published by Diana Tula · February 14th 2013

Sometimes you can’t help it but see hearts everywhere. We've gathered more Valentine's themed photos for you to enjoy, all entries to 14 Awesome cards contest. You can enter too and win a neat one year membership card shipped and mailed to your door. On how to enter visit this blog post, deadline is this Monday.


Chicago’s Warehouse

Published by Diana Tula · February 14th 2013

Take a break from Valentine's with these photos of Chicago’s warehouse. On January 24th a warehouse in Chicago, USA caught on fire the second time during freezing temperatures of -7C. About 170 firefighters battled it from Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, their hoses and hydrants freezing. Warehouse was full of old timber and no one was injured. However, the aftermath resulted in breathtaking beauty of ice engulfed structure.

Photo by Glenn Edward Davis

Photo by Steve Hughes

Photo by Rafael Barajas

Photo by Raf Winterpacht

Photo by Raf Winterpacht

Photo by Glenn Edward Davis

Photo by Glenn Edward Davis

Photo by Rafael Barajas

Photo by ahmet cihan


Together Forever

Published by Diana Tula · February 14th 2013

We continue to share lovely photos submitted by you to the 14 Awesome cards contest. Haven’t entered yet? Hurry up by this Monday. Click on your favourite photo to send it to a friend or to befriend the photographer. Please enjoy...


From 500px With Love

Published by Diana Tula · February 14th 2013

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not it is a good day to think of those we love and do good deeds with love and open heart. To share our love with you we are giving away 14 Awesome cards. All you have to do is Upload a photo with a tag "500pxlovesme" by February 18th. To see how the card looks like and for more details please read the previous blog post.

We are overjoyed with all entries we got so far and would like to share these wonderful images with you! Enjoy twenty beautiful images by 500px photographers and stay tuned for more photos posted, we will try to share as many photos as possible :) Click on your favourite photo to send it to a friend or to befriend the photographer.


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