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Robyn Arouty & The Love of Pets

Published by Diana Tula · February 5th 2013

We all love our pets and some of us love them a bit too much. Enjoy fun and private portraits of owners and their companions skillfully photographed by the young and talented Robyn Arouty. Robyn is a commercial and portrait photographer from Houston, USA. She specializes at capturing contemporary and true representations of people and animals.

To get to know Robyn Arouty’s work better visit her 500px page, there you can follow her future photo uploads, add Robyn to friends, and check her Store for canvas prints or desktop downloads available for sale.

Our blog is a place to promote 500px photographers and their brilliant photos. Every week we publish a brief photographer profile introducing you to a photographer from 500px community and his/her body of work. This could be you, email us and let us know about yourself and your work.


I Have A Dream

Published by Diana Tula · February 4th 2013

Want to get featured on our blog? Every Monday a theme is announced and you have until Sunday to submit your entry. Upload photos to your 500px profile and leave a comment to this post with the photo links. You may already have a photo that suits or you can see it as a weekly photo challenge. This week's theme was: I Have A Dream. For announced new theme and deadline continue reading.

New theme is: Empty Places

Theme is open to your interpretation and creativity, so get snapping and post links to photo entries in the comments below. Deadline is February 10 at 12pm (EST).

Every week there's a random draw giveaway, giving a chance to everyone who enters to win 2 months of Awesome membership. This week’s winner is Andrea Schunert .

Big thanks to everyone who participated!


LIVE Video Hangout with Justin Bettman

Published by Diana Tula · February 4th 2013


Did you ever want to learn how to get that perfect light when shooting at night or how to realize a large project from idea to product? Then we have just the event for you! Join us tomorrow at 8PM EST as we talk to Justin Bettman discussing his “Dark” series.

How to join

Visit our G+ page at the time of event (tomorrow 8PM EST), link to a Hangout will appear automatically. Click on that link & be part of the Hangout.

What is a Hangout?

It is a video chat that streams live at announced time and is then recorded. The exciting part is that anyone can participate while watching the video by asking questions to the featured person/s. This way you can find out right away all those things that you wanted to know about photography or that specific person. Imagine Ansel Adams answering that question that you always wanted to know.

A bit about Justin

Justin is a professional commercial and editorial photographer from USA, who worked with Forbes Magazine, Columbia Records, ABC Family/Disney and Ford Models to name a few. In this Hangout we’ll be discussing his “Dark” series, an independent personal project that started as a reaction to constantly shooting commercial work that was really bright and composited. Photos from this series are very technical, cinematic, moody and tell separate stories that could have happened in any North American town.

How 500px does Hangouts

At 500px all Hangouts are photography-centric and are catered to your requests. Last time we hosted a Street Photography hangout as per users' feedback, tune in to that recorded episode for a discussion on “How do you get more confident as a street photographer?”, “City or Suburban. Which is better for street photography?”, “How not to be creepy when photographing on the street”, etc.

What type of Hangouts are you interested in? Let us know in the comments below or email


Follow Friday: City & Architecture Photographers

Published by Diana Tula · February 1st 2013

Hi everyone! Inspired by the Follow Friday hashtag movement on twitter we are starting a new weekly feature on our blog. With Follow Friday posts you can discover new, popular and up-and-coming photographers from 500px to follow and add to friends.


Take a stroll down the streets of Europe with photos by EGRA. EGRA is a photo duet of two St.Petersburg photographers, who bonded over their love for photography. Their photos often shot with a wide angle lens beautifully capture the essence of cities, highlighting architectural elements with moody dusk to dawn skies and empty streets. When looking at their photos you really wish you were there.

Ralf Wendrich

If there’s one friend Walter Gropius and the rest of Modernist architects were missing in the 1920’s that would be Ralph Wendrich. Ralph Wendrich’s photography embodies the Modernist movement with his simple and clean photography. His photography is so effortless and precise that at times you wonder if it really is a photograph you’re looking at and not a 3D digital rendering. Take a look at his work for yourself and be wowed!

Ludovic Waugrand

Do you love graphic design? Then you’ll love photos by Ludovic Waugrand. Attracted to the power of graphic arts French photographer Ludovic Waugrand channels his love for graphics into photography, creating strong and bold photographs. Carefully composing and cropping each shot Ludovic presents us with a unique architectural view.

Aaron Yeoman

Commuting to work on day-to-day basis many of us ignore the architecture and engineering around us. Aaron Yeoman erases the ordinary of London Underground with cool and haunting photography. Visit Aaron’s profile for striking Underground series and more architecture photography.

Phillip Gotze

Are you tired of seeing those same spiral photos everywhere? Well, these spirals just might change your mind. Phillip goes around photographing staircase spirals of the most unique shape and colour (be it teal, white, maroon or neon green), transforming photo cliche into excitement.

Alisdair Miller

The future is here! Alisdair Miller photographs Dubai from all angles, showing to us that the future is here, right here in Dubai. Visit his page for new world photos with foggy views, unusual angles and lots of architecture.

Matthias Heiderich

For those who enjoy the colour palette and feel of the 1970’s you are in luck. Matthias Heiderich’s photos have just that and a bit more. Matthias manages to photograph the world around him by singling out architectural elements that create new constructs and new architecture on their own. Want to know more about Matthias? Read an interview with him on our blog.

Jean-Baptiste Poulain

Jean-Baptiste takes a different approach to architecture photography with photos of the industrial sector. Reinforcing his subject matter such as factories, train stations, harbours and mines with b&w and desaturated colours he elevates industrialized architecture to an art form.

WK Cheoh

Enjoy refreshing urban landscapes of Singapore and an occasional cat photo snuck into the portfolio of WK Cheoh. For WK photography is a hobby that he takes seriously, a half decade of photo practice and perseverance shows through in his beautiful city photographs.

Nick Frank

Still craving for modern architecture? Indulge in simple, modern and clean forms of Nick Frank’s photography. Focusing on geometric elements and patterns Frank takes us on a tour to most interesting places.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup! This is the first Follow Friday post featuring City & Architecture photographers and there are many more photographers in this field whom we can’t wait to recommend to you. Come back next Friday for more incredible photographers to follow and get inspired by. Thanks for reading :)

Who is your favourite City & Architecture photographer at 500px? Let us know in the comments below.


A Travelling iPhonographer

Published by Diana Tula · January 31st 2013

Listen to Kevin Russ, an iPhonographer who got famous through Instagram and a photo project that started out of curiosity, as he shares his photographic journey and shows his unique photos. Want to add Kevin to friends and follow his future work? Visit Kevin’s 500px profile page.

Last time we featured “Journey Kyoto to Tokyo” by Mamun Humayun, a piece of everyday life in Japan captured in a ride on the Shinkansen. For more videos browse the blog and let us know if you’d like to be featured. Send in links to your videos to We’re always open to fresh and exiting content and ideas.


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