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Happy New Year! Pt. 2

Published by Diana Tula · January 8th 2013

For “Happy New Year!” entry we received so many beautiful firework photos from all over the world that we have decided to dedicate an entire gallery to those images with Part 1 of weekly Monday contest. Today we’d like to share with you Part 2 of that theme with a new set of great photos wishing you a wonderful 2013.

Would you like to enter your photos and get featured on our blog next week? For contest details and announced theme visit this page.


Best of 2012: Journalism

Published by Diana Tula · January 7th 2013

Photojournalists are like writers recording our history in images, often while exposed to significant obstacles. Part of this top ten series are images that represent most significant events of 2012, such as the Arab Spring, Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Pablo and Transit of Venus. To view previously announced categories scroll down the blog and stay tuned for new photos announced daily.

Kuwait Tire Fire by Mohammed ALSULTAN

Feline fire rescue by Christopher Boffoli

Young monks shaving by Dmitry Sumin

I Wanna Go Surfin’ in a Hurricane by Zach Frailey

Collected by Cezar Galang

8th of Ashura 2012 by Mohammed Alshaikh

News by Roslan Salleh

Transit of Venus by Clark Crenshaw

The Protestor by Romain Matteï Photography

EAT TRASH !! by Gabor / Jakub


Happy New Year!

Published by Diana Tula · January 7th 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone! We are back with our first weekly photo contest of the year. If you are not familiar with the format or have forgotten what this contest is about let’s refresh and recap. Every Monday there is a photo contest on this blog, a theme is announced and photographers are asked to upload and share photos that fit that theme in any way. Photographers enter for a chance to get their work featured on the blog and participate in a draw to win 2 months of Awesome membership. Winners are announced next Monday.

Last week's theme was “Happy New Year!”, in spirit of the new year and new beginnings we have prepared two galleries for you. One is announced today and another will be posted tomorrow.

New theme is: Teal

Theme is open to interpretation so get creative, get snapping and post links to photo entries in the comments below. Deadline is January 12 at 12AM (EST).

With every Monday gallery there's a random draw giveaway, giving a chance to everyone who enters to win 2 months of Awesome membership. This week’s winner is Kathy Chadwick.

Big thanks to everyone who participated!


Best of 2012: Sensual

Published by Diana Tula · January 6th 2013

Best of 2012 lists continue today with Sensual themed photos. To view previously announced categories scroll down the blog and stay tuned for new categories and lists announced daily.

Untitled by ???????? ???????

Miss you... by Benoit COURTI

??? by ?? ?

Shade by Andrew Lucas

Colour Run by Jayesh Pankhania

It is Love / ??? ?????? by Ravshaniya

Something about love... by Tatiana Mikhina

delicious spring by Maya Klyam

x ray kiss by Guy Viner

we by Ilya Petrenko


Best of 2012: Landscapes

Published by Diana Tula · January 6th 2013

Best of 2012 list started with Apocalypse themed photos. Today the list continues with last year’s top ten photos in the Landscape category. For more photos and announced categories visit the blog daily. Enjoy!

A Photographer’s gift for his mom by AtomicZen : )

10 Minutes Later by Alan Chan

Flow by Anan Charoenkal

Enjoy your trip by Alessio Andreani

2012 Supermoon by Jason Hines

Volcanic Iceland by Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

~ a colourful helm’s deep by Lionel Dupré

Fields of Gold by Allard Schager

Mountain station by Kai Böhm

Ice Cave @ Iceland by noomplayboy


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