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Best of 2012: Celebrities

Published by Sara Collaton · December 23rd 2012

On Friday we started Best of 2012 lists. We continue today with this year’s top ten photos in the Celebrities category. Enjoy and make sure to visit the blog daily for new announced Best of 2012 photos.

Esquire by Pavel Levchuk

The Nirvana Baby by John Chapple

Jon Bon Jovi by John Chapple

Will Smith by George Malets

Nicole Kidman by strych9ine

The Rolling Stones by Rodney Pike

Amanda Seyfried by Timothy Jackson

TARANTINO by Alessandro Giraldi

YELLO by Robert Maschke

deadmau5 by Kim Erlandsen


Best of 2012: Abstract

Published by Sara Collaton · December 22nd 2012

On Friday we started Best of 2012 list with Apocalypse themed photos. Today we’d like to share with you this year’s top ten photos in the Abstract category. Enjoy and make sure to visit the blog daily for new announced Best of 2012 photos.

Swimming on the Edge by Daniel Cheong

Nestlings by Nadine Swart

2012 by Simone Ciliberti

Diagonal Path by Jared Lim

dogwalk by Egon Kronschnabel

Incept by Alex Teuscher

AFL my source of inspiration by Esther van der Lecq

like a harp’s strings III by Julia Anna Gospodarou

Light calligraphy “lake Senezh” by Moscow, Russia

Blue Abstract by Angie McMonigal


Best of 2012: Apocalypse

Published by Sara Collaton · December 21st 2012

The Apocalypse has been predicted by an intersection of religions, scientific evidence and prophecies to happen today on December 21st, 2012. Come what may we prepared our best Apocalypse themed photos of this year for you to enjoy. So kick back, relax and savor the anticipation of doomsday with world’s best photos.

Contagion by Karezoid Michal Karcz

Das Angel by Benjamin Von Wong

Apocalypse by Uli Staiger

Beautiful Eyes Of Death by Soltra Daniel

Storming into Sunset by Danilo Faria

Shooting Stars by Simone Ciliberti

2012 by Dennis Ottink

Post Apocalypse by Zoltan Toth

In The Depths Of Me by Giuseppe Parisi

Doomsday by Olya Antonova

Apocalyptica by Silent Shudder (Tim Kruskamp)


The New Uploader

Published by Diana Tula · December 20th 2012

The new Uploader is here! Upload your best photos quickly and easily with new and improved Uploader. Enjoy clever redesign and elegant interface created to optimize your upload experience. The new Uploader offers increased number of uploads, instant default setting, folder placement option, unique visualized discoverability and much more. It saves your time on uploading images to 500px while giving more control over your photos.

You spoke, we listened. We were listening closely to all user feedback to bring you the most requested features with the new Uploader...

  • Lots of uploads at a time. Say goodbye to the 10 photo limit, now you can upload over fifty or even hundred photos at a time depending on your computer.

  • Freedom of choice. Choose where to place your photos before you upload. Simply make your selection under “Place Photo In”, deciding between Library, Profile, Set and Portfolio.

  • Set default. Tired of re-typing EXIF data and selecting the same categories for all photos? Now you can set a default and apply it to all other photos. Type in all the information for one photo, press “Set Default” and changes will apply automatically to all photos in this upload batch.

  • Map. Identifying your photo’s location is easier than ever. Type in the place or address in the search bar under “Map”, select the right location and you’re done.

  • Adult Content. It is now automatically set to “Off”. If you are posting content which is not suitable for children please make sure to toggle the setting to “On”, prior to finalizing your upload.

  • Discoverability. Want your photo to get maximum exposure? Make sure that discoverability percentage of your photo is high. Discoverability changes based on information provided, such as title, tags, location, category, etc. To get maximum discoverability fill in all the fields.

Visit the Upload page and start uploading your images right now. Looking for explained Uploader navigation and more details about the feature? Read this Support article.

If you see any unexpected bugs in the new uploader let us know right away, email the details to and we’ll be working to fix them.


Behind the scenes

Published by Diana Tula · December 19th 2012

Were you ever curious to know what happens at photo shoots? This video by Andrew Blood takes you behind the scenes and gives a great perspective of how real portrait and lifestyle sessions look like to a passerby. Andrew Blood is a professional photographer based in South Florida, he specializes in dreamy environmental, fashion, lifestyle and swimwear looks.

Watch “Miami Day BTS” to see the photo session behind gorgeous portraits.

Every week we feature videos shot by 500px photographers. Last week we shared with you "Low Tide" by Free Mindflow, a documentary style video telling about the life in South East of Bali.

Do you have a video that you’d like to share our blog? Let us know, email us a link to your video and a story behind it to We are always open to your ideas and collaborations and would love to feature you on our blog.


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