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Niko and the Black Swan

Published by Diana Tula · November 22nd 2012

To learn about the living life behind a lens we started series featuring 500px photographers, their photos and stories behind them. This story is about Niko Tavernise’s behind the scenes photos of deeply psychological masterwork — the Black Swan film.

Niko Tavernise is a man of many trades. He is entrepreneur, videographer, producer, director and behind-the-scenes photographer. Originally from the mountains of Massachusetts he now resides in NYC, coincidentally the city where the Black Swan was filmed. Niko worked behind the scenes photographing, as well as working on the making-of movie. Please enjoy Niko’s photographs, their honesty and elegance.

All photos that Niko Tavernise took during the filming of Black Swan where photographed with his trusty cameras Canon 1D MKII and 5D MKII. For video footage he used a Canon 5D. During all the shoots Niko favoured 28 1.8 lens, in his words “...basically, it was so light and on a full frame 5D it was fantastic. I usually have 3 cameras dangling from my neck so having a light lens is a life saver.”

Did you know that Natalie Portman danced all of her parts while filming Black Swan? In the movie it is 80% Natalie Portman dancing and 20% her double. There are 139 dance shots in the film. 111 are Natalie Portman untouched and 28 are her dance double Sarah Lane.

To add Niko to friends, comment on his photos and follow his future posts visit his 500px page. If you are captivated by Niko Tavernise’s photographs and would like to see more visit his website or take a sneak peek at "Metamorphosis" the making-of video by Niko.

Thanks for reading! This could be your feature, email us and let us know about one of your photographic stories or future projects.


500px and Creative Commons

Published by Diana Tula · November 22nd 2012

For artists and creators, copyright is often a challenge because on one hand they want to protect their work and on the other they’d like it to spread.

Now you can do both with Creative Commons licensing attribution. Last week we have added Creative Commons licensing to 500px that gives our photographers more options to let others share and re-use their work. This opt-in program provides the 500px community with greater flexibility on usage, photo attribution and additional sharing opportunities.

The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Creative Commons tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.

Visit 500px Creative Commons licensing page to see the latest photos added to Creative Commons. Search for photos under specific license using 500px Search. Or add a license to your photo and see where it could take you from there.

Would you like to add a license to your 500px photos?
You can change a license of any existing and new photos in the Organizer’s photo edit settings or look for the License Type drop down menu when uploading a photo. There are several licenses to chose from, ranging from standard Copyright to Attribution Creative Commons. For a full list and license descriptions read 500px Support article. Licenses can be revised by a photographer at any time.

500px Search, filtered by tag and license.

Individual photo page, CC license is shown below a photograph.

Creative Commons being part of 500px was just an idea brought up in a conversation during ChaseJarvis LIVE "The Future of Photo Sharing" episode and now it is reality. Let us know in the comments below what other great features you would like to see at 500px.


Hyper Life

Published by Diana Tula · November 21st 2012

It’s great to watch videos made by photographers as you can witness photographs literally come to life. Last time we shared with you “Scenes From Niceland” by Joe Capra, an Iceland time-lapse shot during 17 day solo trip around the island. Today’s featured video is by Guille Ibanez. Two minute view of the hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong’s busy city life. Dare to watch the entire video without blinking :)

In our opinion photographers make great videographers. Do you have a video that you’d like to share or you're in a process of planning a shoot? Let us know! Email us We’re always open to your ideas and collaborations, and would love to feature you on our blog.


500px acquires the team behind ISO500

Published by Diana Tula · November 21st 2012

Jerome Scheer and David Charlec working at 500px’s recent Pixel Hack event.

Hi all,

We are excited to announce that 500px has acquired the team behind Pulpfingers — the iOS appmaker company based in Strasbourg, France. Please welcome Jerome Scheer and David Charlec, the founders of Pulpfingers, who have joined 500px today.

With the help of Pulpfingers' technology and expertise we will work to develop and design even more beautiful, useful, and feature-packed apps for 500px. The ISO500 app will remain available in the App Store and users can expect an update that will introduce enhancements as well as support for iPhone 5.

"We're looking forward to continuing our vision and building beautiful, high quality applications for 500px," says Charlec.

"It's a great fit for us because we love photography, we love design, and we love the 500px community," says Scheer. "We're excited about the possibilities now that we're combining forces."

"It's been our intention to increase our presence in Europe and we've been looking for the right opportunity," says Gutsol. "We have huge numbers of photographers in Germany, France and Spain, so a central presence in France makes a lot of sense".

This marks the next step in our company evolution to lead the best online photography apps in the world.

For more details please read Colleen Taylor’s latest TechCrunch article.


Markus Studtmann

Published by Diana Tula · November 20th 2012

Today we'd like to introduce you to Markus Studtmann, Berlin based photographer. His urban exploration photos of abandoned interiors immediately catch the eye. Making one wonder if these are really photographs or highly realistic paintings.

Did you know that Markus photographs with Canon 5D Mark II and holds a Ph.D in Psychology? Visit Markus Studtmann’s 500px page to see more of his photos, add Markus to friends and follow his future shared photos. Visit Store page to purchase his photographs and browse photos for sale.

Thanks for reading!


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